Rausim Olgeta

I sure hope this isn’t another post about her dumb slogan. I mean, does she think that I’m reading her blog just to help her come up with a catchy byline?  I bet she does nothing but blog all day and let her children run wild and ragged while she debates between this or that nuance of meaning.

As a matter of fact, here’s just a little bit of what my kids have been up to.

Wait, that’s not all.  I had to censor the middle of the photo because my guy is an enthusiastic potty trainer.  Notice a suspicious object on the edge of the counter.  Now . . .

Should I have been sitting in reading a book with him instead of blogging?

Anika, are you getting out some pizza pans to make some dinner?

No Mom, I’m getting out some baggies.

I’ve gotta ton here. How many do you need? Just tell me.

See, you can just whip ’em right out the box. They’re so slippery!

I can’t stop! It’s so fun.  . . . I think I’ll just take ’em all out, Mom. Okay?

I love baggies Mom. Why do you buy toys? All I need is a bag of Heftys and I’m happy as a clam.

And what was my darling Addie doing while these two were rausiming olgeta? (Rausim olgeta is Tok Pisin–PNG Language–which roughly translates to tearing it all up, undoing it all,  pulling it all out; basically, it is the perfect expression for what you see illustrated here.)

Who’s rockin’ the red high heels in Addie’s imaginary world?!  That’s right, y’all. It’s me, The Low Ryder.  (Baby is in the car carrier. Addie always draws her this way, which I find hilarious since Anika hates that thing and never wants to sit in it.  If you are wondering about J’s shirt, that is his school T shirt with the Wolf mascot–not a bunny in case, like me, you were confused.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that my children are clearly neglected, but not stifled creatively, can we get back to the reason that we’re all here? It’s all about the slogan, right?

So, here’s the current feedback and new options. I will bullet for brevity because if there’s one thing I never want to do, it is to bore you senseless with my absolutely inane need to have the perfect slogan. 😉

  • Happily parked was popular, but “parked” implied stagnant torpidity that I do not like; therefore, happily parked.
  • Low and steady wins the race seems to follow the theme and several liked it, but it did not seem to capture the “essence” of the site. I suspect you think it is too cheesy.
  • J says upwardly mobile is not universally understood and that “fast lane” is better.
  • But if I say “fast lane” then I sort of need to say “slow lane” and I hate the people in the slow lane. I mean, I don’t HATE them, but they annoy me. I cannot be them, even metaphorically. I have my limits.
  • I have pretty much accepted that I have to stick with some sort of travel related metaphor.
  • I want to indicate that I’m taking the simple or uncomplicated path rather than the busy or fast one.
  • What about some of these . . .
  • The Low Ryder: Enjoying the scenic route of life
  • TLR: Cruisin life’s scenic route
  • The Low Ryder: Taking the less traveled path (although I’m really hoping everyone will take this path so I’ll get more readers, so maybe that one’s no good. Though I do like the Frost reference aspect.)
  • The Low Ryder: Scenic Route Living (Does that sound too much like a travel blog?)
  • And then, I was re-reading my comments and saw my friend Kristi had said something along the lines of “that’s how you roll” and I thought, “The Low Ryder: That’s How I Roll” AND I loved it.  But is that just because I am a major wannabe and this exudes a kind of swagger and confidence that I only fake?
  • Maybe something about “byways”?  Is a byway always smaller than a highway?
  • See, I’m getting all desperate and confused now, which totally negates the strategic nature of the bullets.

So you have to rausim olgeta bad slogans and leave me only the perfect good one. That’s how I roll. (See I want it to be that. Don’t I?) Be honest though. Is it pompous? That wouldn’t be good for a simple living blog.  I don’t want to be pompous. That’s not how I roll. (There IT IS again!!)

IS this a simple living blog? I’m beginning to wonder if this is a blog about picking a blog slogan and keeping your kids away from baggies and TP.

Last chance to weigh in. I am really hoping that I can stop thinking about this soon. What should I offer in exchange? I’m at your mercy.  My pizza dough is pretty good. . . . .

11 thoughts on “Rausim Olgeta

  1. How about “Taking the Road Less Traveled Together”?

    That way you get the Frost reference and still imply a community of readers.

  2. I am totally with Danielle and refuse to restate my thoughts on the matter. Except I will say, if you start abbreviating with “TLR”, I will claim I knew you not. If you want to roll instead of park, go right ahead. Just make a decision and move on! You will be shocked and amazed to know how few people actually could recite ANY other blog tagline AT ALL. (oh, and ps, those pictures of Anika are totally adorable)

  3. Oooo… I like Mary Beth’s idea…though I also like Frost, so that could have a lot to do with it….and I am whatever the opposite of trendy is, so “that’s how I roll” would sound ridiculous coming from me as well.

  4. Thanks Vanessa! Of course, there is always the fact that in the photo I am the only one in the drawing with a “butt segment” as part of the body separate from legs or torso, but I’ve chosen to focus on the heels. 😉

  5. you’ve got me all panicked about my blog now and worried that it’s not cool enough and should have a catchy name and tag line…although you should for sure go with whatever i said…i didn’t even know i said! i’m sure it was a stroke of genius and it’s catchy…which therefore makes it memorable and it really is how you roll! who cares if someone thinks your pompous. let ’em! so commit already and i love the heels that addie drew you in. hilarious. reminded me of the old days when you had to wear red or green the entire month of december. also love the butt segment…it’s just a skirt though, she also has one, but is a little less hippy i see! =)

  6. that’s how i roll… definately! i love to talk like i’m hip. but wait, i think the fact that i just used the word hip makes me more geriatric than cool. but hey, that’s how i roll. see?! it just fits in so many places…

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