Update 2018: Any posts written after May 2018 will relate to my personal writing or to my journey into homeschooling. The below information applies to my older writing from 2010-2015.  I find it easiest to just keep my whole blog, past, present and future together.
Apple Picking September 2013. 4 out of 5 ain't bad, right?

This blog was about keeping our family, faith, food, and finances developing organically, naturally, and gracefully.  At the same time, we try to do this on humble means and hopefully, a humble heart.  I formerly named this blog The Poorganic Life, but I kept having to explain the meaning of the words, so I just simplified it to my name.  Poorganic is tongue in cheek since we are not poor at all; we are deeply blessed with riches of a more lasting kind.  The reason that we live the debt-free poorganic life is NOT to stockpile,  save for emergencies, or prepare for the future. We deliberately live below our means and give away the rest to those who need it. It is a fabulous and challenging way to live.

The subjects on my blog are described below, with links to relevant posts.  I love to write, so even though I would love for this to be a tidy little niche blog, I just write what strikes my fancy.

Some of the posts are sweet and nutty. I write about our life, marrying the man of my dreams, teaching English, and moving all the way around the world only to move back to the small town where I grew up.  I stay home with my three great kids and live the high life on one teacher’s salary.  I write about what makes my days beautiful and wonderful, or conversely, annoying and depressing.  I write about living simply, minimizing our stuff to maximize our happiness, enjoying the life we have–not wishing it away, and having a sense of humor in the midst of a chaotic life. 

The Poorganic Life posts are a little bit crunchy.  My family eats a modified real food diet on a budget.  We avoid too much processed food, but also the legalism that can come from caring TOO MUCH.  As we decide what works for us, we share that information. So if you want me to tell you whether or not it is worth it to make your own bulgar wheat muffins, write me, and maybe I’ll try it and tell you how they are.  (Blecccck is my guess.) Sometimes I cloth diaper (until it inevitably causes diarrhea.)  Sometimes I compost and garden (until the ravenous deer eat everything in site). But generally I try to make the things grow . . . . poorganically.

Mainly this blog emphasizes how we try to keep our life full of fruit.  I guess you could also say that my life is a little fruity, but I do discuss authentic faith, the things that make faith grow, and how I struggle to keep it alive.  I try to be honest about myself, my family, our struggles, and our limitations, financially and personally.  As a way of centering myself, I try to keep the things that I love at the tips of my fingers.  I love literature, good stories, Jesus, my kids, my husband, my friends, and the abundance that can be found in a satisfied life.  I’ve even started a little series highlighting God’s great provisions, which you can find through the Provision Stories tab. I also hosted a series called Summer of 7, featuring a group of bloggers who tried out some of the challenges from Jen Hatmaker’s book 7.

My goal is that The Poorganic Life will bring glory to God and make you laugh, encouraging you to live simply and give abundantly.  I’m also hoping that by keeping my writing skills honed (weird word “honed”–don’t you think?), I may eventually take the leap over to writing my much thought about Bible study, Finding the Rest of My Faith, and maybe even the novels I’ve been writing in my brain for years.

Please share your thoughts, questions, ideas, and comments on the blog.  (I’m highly driven by readers. ;)) Thanks for reading my blog! 😉

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