Eating Poorganically

Don't worry. In Poorganics, you don't have to grind your own wheat. If fact, we kind of frown on it. 😉

This is a Table of Contents for Eating Poorganically, the crunchiest part of our life. Another good way to keep up with our journey AND lots of articles from other blogs and recipe sites is to follow The Poorganic Life on Facebook. 🙂

Poorganic Grocery Budget- One Actual Month Wherein I tell you every food we purchased for an entire month.

Six Months of Eating Poorganically  Wherein I report what we’ve learned from Six Months of Eating Real Foods

10 Steps to Eating Poorganically in 2012 Wherein I I lay out our poorganic plan

Poorganic’s Not Organic  Wherein I explain the extremely loose definition for Poorganics

Eating Poorganically: Starting Thoughts  Wherein I explain why we are doing this in the first place

Eating Poorganically: PigSADGET Wherein I summarize all my research about why “normal” food is bad, but I try to sift out the crazies.

Week 1: Shopping Poorganically  Wherein I report what it actually looked like to shop for “real” food on a budget.

Consider the Source Wherein I try to give a basic explanation for the difference between typical “Organic” or “Real” foodies and “Poorganics”

Week 2: Shopping Poorganically Wherein I report our second week of shopping which includes a coupon event. Can we stick to a poorganic menu with all those FREE processed foods?

Satire, Soul Food, and Theatrics in Three Parts Wherein I try to reconcile my conflicting feelings about the “Real Food Movement” and legalism. It’s a poorganic food fight.

The Trouble with Satire Wherein I define MOREGANIC and SCHMORGANIC and apologize for my childish behavior in the food fight mentioned above. 🙂

Shopalooza Eating Poorganic Weeks 3-5 Wherein I report lots more adventures in finding real food at an affordable price

Eating Dairy Poorganically Wherein I articulate the poorganic position on all things butter, cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Poorganic Learning Curve Wherein I readjust my expectations and yours for the poorganic journey

Give us This Day our Poorganic Bread Wherein I articulate the poorganic position on all things bread (and grain to some degree.)

Poorganics, Pesticide, and Produce Wherein I articulate the poorganic position on produce

Poorganic Menu Planning  Where I teach you to be self-sufficient and make your own menu

When Better for You Isn’t Better Wherein we talk about balance and staying sane in the real food world






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