True, Untrue, and Everything In Between

I am going to start keeping my writing stored here.  Even though it is terrifying to have unfinished drafts going up on the blog for all the internet to access, I am going to try it.  I have never been consistent with writing EXCEPT when I was blogging and I think that is because of the potential accountability.  So, I’ve deactivated the subscription service for the blog, but I am not going to be hiding drafts away in ratty notebooks.  These will be drafts of whatever I’m writing at the time, so they might be out of sequence, crappy, or nonsensical, but who cares. I’m almost 40 and if I don’t actually start working toward my goal of writing a novel–and by work, I mean ACTUAL putting the words here into the computer instead of holding them in my brain for them to surface everyday while I am showering, well then, if I don’t do it, I never will.

So this is where the stories will go. I will try to archive and title them in a reasonable way if I can.

Happy reading! (I hope.)