Ever since my freshman year in college, I’ve been helping friends and family with their writing, but only in the past few years has my experience as a high school English teacher and blog writer translated into a career as a freelance editor.  I’ve worked curating and proofreading articles for a major Christian faith-based website, To Save a Life.com, and have helped several authors bring their ideas to life with their very own self-published books, As Soon As I Fell and Raising Homemade Disciples.

I pay close attention to grammar and mechanics, but I also have a keen eye for flow, pacing, and reader involvement.  My critique is honest and thoughtful, and I always make sure that your voice and writing style are preserved.  I provide encouragement and coaching as much as editing.  Even when I’m doing a “deep” edit, my experience as a writer enables me to take tender care of your words.

Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

Katrina is an excellent proofreader and editor. I could always count on her to catch grammar or typing errors and awkward sentence structure or turns-of-phrase that would be confusing to my intended audience. She thinks critically, explains clearly, and she’s very efficient, too. Working with her guarantees that the writing you get back will be much more polished than what you started with.

Jenny Rapson, Editor ForEveryMom.com; Mommin’It Up.com


Katrina has opened my eyes to 100 different things in a very short time.  For example, as a “snarky” writer, I have to remember there is a fine line between funny snarky and jerky snarky, and Katrina has helped me to be aware of this.  In her edits, she has yet to change my voice, which is what makes her a master her of her art.  She makes valid suggestions that have inspired me and the words continue to flow but in a much more appealing way.  I can’t say enough about her skills.
Jami Amerine, M. Ed. Author Sacred Ground Sticky Floors

Katrina combines an unparalleled enthusiasm for my writing projects with an unerring eye for improvement.         She loves what I write (or at least she makes me think so), and she knows exactly what I need to do to hone and strengthen my writing. Without her passionate support and incisive thinking, I would never have had the courage to complete my first book. Now I never want to write a book without her.

Kay Bruner, Author As Soon As I Fell

**Please note, I do not provide writing or editing solely for the purpose of SEO. Sorry, but, gag.