Here’s a list of 25 favorites chosen by me and you, MY AWESOME READERS.  If I’m missing your favorite, let me know!

Big Beef and The Move

As The Deer Pants

Raskols, Ninjas, Elmo, and the Metaphysical Conceit

The Greater Good

A Love Letter

Ten Things I Learned In Papua New Guinea

Ten Easy Anti-Clutter Tactics

I Love Manna

The Tale of Sticky Fingers and the Trip to Family Dollar

The Green Eyed Monster versus Thanksgiving

A Quick One

The Tale of the Disappearing Blogger

Contentment Story

Once Upon A Time

Then Laugh

Dear Body

Dare to Eat a Peach

I Love my Dad

Dear False Guilt

Spare the Rod

Quite Contrary

Lessons from my Ex


Satire, Theatrics, and Soul Food – In Three Acts

I Love Ram


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