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Letter Verses is a family project to encourage parents and kids to memorize Scripture, using the letters of the alphabet as a mnemonic device.ย  For each letter verse that a member of our family memorizes, we are donating $1 to Bible translation for the Vidunda people in Tanzania who don’t have the word of God in their language. We are advocating on behalf of OneVerse, a program that helps families participate in Bible translation. For $26 (or one full alphabet of verses), you can pay for the translation of one verse of Scripture for people who need to know God’s Word!ย  Letter Verses is an exciting way to incentivize your family to hide God’s word in their hearts AND give God’s Word to those who desperately need it.

It’s SO easy to participate in Letter Verses and share it with your friends. Just click on the links for each verse below and get a printable pdf and watch catchy song that will make memorization easy! Links for giving to OneVerse are also included.

Each week will add a new Letter. When a member of our family memorizes it, we put $1 in our Letter Verses jar. When we get to $26, we send it off to OneVerse. The kids love seeing the progress!

A Verse (The Most Important Post I Ever Wrote)

B Verse (Beavers in the House)

C Verse (C-Verse The One You’ve Been Waiting For)

D & E Verse

F Verse
G Verse

H Verse (Hate Verse)

I Verse

J & K Verses

L Verse

M Verse

Please join us with Letter Verses, and if you do, will you comment on the blog to let me know? It is such an encouragement to hear that others are joining together to hide God’s word in their hearts. ๐Ÿ™‚


20 thoughts on “Letter Verses

  1. We are doing the letter verses with you! We started with you some time ago, but then got off track. We’re back on track now and following your lead.Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. I really wish I had known about this before school started this year. Nathaniel’s kindergarten class is learning a verse for every letter–they’re up to I now. I wonder if his teacher would have been willing to suggest it to the families that they save $1 per verse. Maybe I’ll talk to his teacher about it in case she wants to try it for next year’s class.

    1. Megan, technically donating to OneVerse occurs in $26 increments, so you really don’t do it $1 at a time. (We are putting $1 in a jar at a time, but we don’t really donate online till we get to $26.) All that to say, it isn’t too late! They could start talking about it and still give at the end of the alphabet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hiya I really liked your great blog post on The Poorganic Life. Just killing some in between class time on Digg and I found your article.

  4. We are doing the letter verses too! I’m not very good at memorizing so this system works great for me. We review the verses every evening during our family devotion time.

    1. Wonderful! Your comment inspires me to get back to it and work on N verse and O verse. Hopefully we will finish the alphabet this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My kids and I work on one verse every 2 weeks each night at bedtime. We are on letter F. Do you have anymore after M? I’ve looked around and I can’t figure out where you are getting the tunes and verses if you won’t have them on your website I can go elsewhere. Thanks!

    1. Right now I am not blogging, but my intention once I resume writing is to finish the alphabet. If you subscribe to the blog by e-mail then you will get any subsequent letters that I post. A lot of the tunes are from Seeds Family Worship, which I have linked in the articles, but some of the tunes we just made up ourselves. If you click over to the “Listen Online” feature of Seeds Family Worship, you can listen to all of their songs. I often choose from those songs/verses. Thanks for reading!!

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