First of all, don’t laugh at this picture. Over the past two months, I’ve read dozens of women’s speaking pages and always left thinking, “Well, I guess I can’t put up my speaking page until I have a ‘professional’ photo taken.”

That just hasn’t happened, so this will have to do.

Truthfully, this might be the most accurate “professional picture” you’ll ever see of me.  My husband took this photo of me impromptu while I was simultaneously dusting, playing “Pretty Pretty Princess,” and shouting instructions to everyone before the arrival of some company.  He must have thought it somehow captured some quintessential “Katrina” quality. Maybe it does. (Princess Mommy Loudmouth?)

So here I am, plastic crown askew, rag over my shoulder, and fuschia apron tied over jeans.  In addition to writing this crazy blog, I love to teach, sharing some of what God is uncovering as he cleans up all the dusty places in my life.  From here to Papua New Guinea and back, the Lord has given me many amazing stories, lessons, and experiences that He’s asked me to share.  I think of myself more as a “teacher” than a “speaker,” but he’s challenged me to use the gift that He’s given me, so here I am, saying, “I SPEAK!”  In obeying him, I’ve seen him begin redeeming many of my “Duh” moments with “Aha!”  He challenges me to say yes to topics that I think I know NOTHING about (Patience, anyone?) in order to really humble me and seek out what he has to say.

Here are just a few of the topics about which I’m passionate.

  • Contentment in the midst of a restless world
  • How to be needy in an independent culture
  • How to find the “rest” of your faith
  • Giving your life away without burning out
  • Advocating for missions and outreach from home
  • Strategies for simple living and a satisfied heart
  • Overcoming the trap of false guilt
  • Discovering and using your spiritual gifts
  • Patience and purpose in the home

If you’re in need of a teacher or speaker for a women’s event, missions conference, mom’s group, or retreat, I’d love to talk with you about whether or not I might be a good fit.  I live near Charlotte, NC, and am willing to travel.  Here’s some feedback from people I paid to say nice things about me who have heard me teach. 😉

Hearing Katrina speak is as comfortable and enjoyable as having coffee with a friend. She is wise with a unique perspective and always leaves you wanting to learn more. She is witty, relatable,  warm, and inviting. I have gained insight from her teaching that I will keep with me forever.  -Dana
Katrina speaks, writes, and lives her life in a way that sparks in me a strange desire to turn away from my old ways and really do something for Jesus. She can make you laugh, cry, and want to do better–all in one sentence. -Amy
Katrina spoke at our MOPS group and she was just what we were looking for! Witty, real, hilarious, and purposeful in her sharing! We received comments from the mothers of our group for weeks on how blessed they were to hear from Katrina! We can’t wait to have her back!  -Sydney
Katrina has a striking personality and the ability to articulate her faith and knowledge of the Lord as well as living the “Christian Life” in a way that is funny, relaxed, relatable and most of all AUTHENTIC! Her experiences have given her wisdom beyond her years, a hunger for the Living God, and a passion to serve and share. You can’t help coming away from her feeling stronger, smarter, faster, well, just plain Bionic. Incidentally, I Googled synonyms for the word ‘authentic’ and some of the choices were: pure, genuine, real, and kosher,  but the one I liked the most was TWENTY-FOUR CARAT!  Katrina is definitely TWENTY-FOUR CARAT in a
ten carat world! -Corina
Hearing Katrina is always a wonderful blend of laughing and nodding my head in agreement.  She clarifies things with excellent word pictures and has a knack for applying literary elements and classic writings to all life situations – an intellectual skill that she displays with her typical humility and beautiful nerdish grace.  She’s brought me to tears, both in laughter and in depth of feeling.  Katrina is easy to relate to and respect. -Laura

Here is a video from a talk I did at a women’s retreat. I can be reached through the comment form below.  I hope to hear from you.

The below video is a talk I did about the book Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman and some of the ways it impacted me.

Here’s a talk I did about Finding the Rest of My Faith series, including slides and handouts.

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