Why I Chose Shanan Tutorials

Transitioning from public school to homeschool was a challenge for my family, which is why I’ve been really thankful we found the 8th-12th grade classes at Shanan Tutorials. Our experience has been SO positive that I’ll be teaching three English classes there next year. Here are 5 reasons why I chose Shanan Tutorials for my family. Even if you aren’t local to Shanan, these criteria may help you choose classes in your own area.

(FYI, Shanan is pronounced like “anon” with a “Sh” at the front. Also, just to clarify, Shanan also has a parent led K-8 Co-op, but that operates separately from the 8-12th grade Tutorials program that I’m talking about below.)

AFFORDABILITY— Homeschooling can be expensive, so while we have to pay attention to price, I have also learned to pay attention to price per contact hours.  Compared to other options, Shanan is a great value per contact hour. They also offer MORE contact hours (32 weeks and 75 minute classes), which I find crucial when my kids will be doing most of the homework independently.  I find that meeting just one hour or less per week is really inadequate for high school classes. (One of my writing classes this year is just an hour, and it is definitely the class where I feel the most rushed!)  HSLDA gives recommendations about how much time constitutes a high school credit, a lab credit, or an elective credit, and that reinforced Shanan as my choice.

TRANSPARENCY-– Shanan classes are open to scheduled visitors. You can view the Virtual Open House on the Shanan website. The information on classes is posted early and communication with administrators and instructors is easy and encouraged! I have no trouble getting my questions answered promptly. I love it!! They are on FB, IG, and have an up-to-date website. From just a few years in the homeschool world, I’ve learned to rule out options that won’t disclose information about instructors or curriculum.

EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS– At Shanan, all the tutors are experienced, background checked teachers and/or homeschool parents with LOTS of years in their subject area. I have full confidence that my students are getting quality instruction from experienced educators. With that said, I feel fully supported as the main “teacher” of my kids. It’s truly the best of both worlds without the price tag of private school.

CONVENIENCE AND LOCATION– Shanan is located at 8600 Potter Rd in Matthews. It is at the second roundabout just past the Wesley Chapel Target. It’s 10 minutes from the Union West Library, Target, Lidl, and LOTS of my errands. It is also within 20-25 minutes of western Union County and South Charlotte, and even most of Indian Land. Whether I’m working at the library, running errands, or returning home during class times, Shanan is convenient to almost everywhere I need to be. My kids enjoy the free Study Halls between classes, so I usually drop them in the AM, and they stay until the afternoon.  

DIVERSITY--The homeschool world can be a bit of a bubble. If you want your students to be in classrooms where diversity exists, you may have to be deliberate in pursuing that. One of my happiest moments as a homeschool mom was attending the Shanan Orientation and seeing that not all the other teachers and students look like my family. I love knowing their life experience and class discussions will be richer and better from having a diverse environment.

Please use the links to check out Shanan’s website or their schedule, or ask me any questions you might have. The Open House on Monday, March 16th will be a great chance to meet instructors and see if Shanan is a fit for your students. I hope to see you there!

***Added May 13th, 2020. When the CoVid 19 Stay at Home orders went into place in March, Shanan tutors transitioned to online classes right away. There was no lapse in class meetings or quality. It was very impressive.  My two homeschool students carried on with their Shanan classes seamlessly. I was very encouraged.