I love ALDI

Sing to the tune of the Cheers theme.ย  You have to be a pretty die-hard couponer to understand this song, but this was my experience yesterday stocking up after a summer of depleting the pantry.

Getting a deal at the grocery store takes everything you’ve got
Taking a break from couponing sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go –ย  where every brand is all the same
and there are only 6 lanes
You wanna be where you can see –ย  the prices never change
You wanna be where shopping won’t be insane

Cutting and sorting coupons, an hour for every trip,
Wandering the aisles, kids and coupons in tow, almost breaks a hip.
Need to stock up, but there are no deals at the normal store

Sometimes you want to go with no binder in your hand
Where You know the lay of the land
You wanna be where produce is cheap- there’s no organic ham
You wanna be where shopping is something you can stand.

Waiting to buy till the price is right, you’ll never by string cheese.
You won’t get fruit for you kids anymore, even if they say please.
Wanna ditch the grocery game?

(Sing with gusto–now together.)

Sometimes you gotta go to the ALDI that’s close by,
Buy everything that meets your eye
You wanna go where you can select a product on the first try
You wanna shop at ALDI; you know that’s why!

You might get sticker shock at first and have a little cry,
But you got your shopping done before you die.

9 thoughts on “I love ALDI

  1. For me, it’s not just the break from couponing, it’s the “brainlessness” of being able to shop at Aldi — one choice for round tortilla chips, one choice for vanilla wafers, one choice for animal crackers, etc. I honestly don’t mind grocery shopping (and who wouldn’t, when you you’ve got Wegmans?! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but sometimes the number of choices and cost comparison between them all is enough to push me over the edge!

  2. I went yesterday for the first time!!!! I loved it! Only got a few things…79 cents for celery???? WOW! I think I will be spending a lot more time there!

  3. Very, very funny. And dead on point. Aldi is like the comfort food you indulge in after labor. It’s not always the best thing for you, but it was worth it, and you deserve it for all your hard work.

  4. Danielle–Wegmans? Ugh. Everyone LOVES that place, but I find it completely overwhelming. It’s like, a mall for groceries. After I leave there, I swear I need to lay down and take a nap. Of course, I hate to cook, so all the choices don’t really impress me. If only the food were shoes . . . or books . . .

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