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My brilliant sister, Laura, is helping with my writer’s block and pitching in this link up for the Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday. . .


This instantly made me think of the new Hershey’s product, Hershey’s Delights.
The first time I saw this product, my reaction was – What?  Really?  Now they are adding air pockets to make chocolate more enjoyable?  Taking away tiny beads of chocolate and leaving behind….  air?
It’s always something, isn’t it?  Something to made a product newer and better….heavier, or lighter, firmer or softer, chewier, crunchier, more this, more than, more than ever before!  New and improved!
” Your taste buds have never experienced chocolate bubbles like these”

Um, guess what?!? My taste buds have never experienced chocolate bubbles at all.  Well, unless you count blowing through a straw into a chocolate milk box in elementary school.
The point is – I get so tired of companies constantly bombarding us with new products.  I would like the entire manufacturing world to go on a moratorium of new products, just to let us get used to the gazillions they’ve already shoved at us.  Reese’s!  We are ok with the original!  We don’t need it mini, unwrapped, crunchy, dark (ok, the dark chocolate Reese’s are pretty good), or powdered in cereal form.  Just give me the plain old kind.
Since it’s all about Jesus on these little delightful posts, I’ll let you ask yourself if you’ve demanded a newer, better, brighter, fluffier God anytime lately.  Are we happy with the plain old sandal wearing, Pharisee smack down, prostitute loving, merciful and generous Lord?  Or have you hoped that Jesus would offer a better tasting chocolate bubble?
Anyone want to answer that? Anyone want to offer my sister a little appreciation for saving the day? 🙂

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    1. Katie, This may or may not be helpful, but as one whose lack of self-control means she is unable to have ‘ready to eat’ chocolate in the house, this recipe helps when I need chocolate: I usually eat it with a generous spoonful of Greek Yogurt on top…I’m sure that makes it healthy…and chocolate grows on trees, so has to be a fruit…:) I also have a recipe for 2 minute microwave fudge…which I have yet to eat cooled in the mug…nor has my source for aforementioned fudge recipe. 🙂 If you want that one, alert Katrina and I can get it to you.

      And, of course, since these posts are all about Jesus, whatever would WE do if Jesus were not the sinner-loving, merciful, patient, loving Lord He is. We’d all be in trouble…deep dark trouble.

  1. Wow! I love this part of your blog “Since it’s all about Jesus on these little delightful posts, I’ll let you ask yourself if you’ve demanded a newer, better, brighter, fluffier God anytime lately. Are we happy with the plain old sandal wearing, Pharisee smack down, prostitute loving, merciful and generous Lord? Or have you hoped that Jesus would offer a better tasting chocolate bubble?” I read that and was like WOW! OH WOW! I hope you don’t mind but I definately plan on sharing that one with friends today!

    I definately prefer God to suit my mood swings and answer my requests. I usually don’t ask God to help me see Him for who He is and appreciate what He may want with me and my life.

  2. Wow…through thinker..or however you say it in english. I have to admit that sometimes I do wish for a more..modern or different Jesus. Try to make Him into something I want at that moment…a little more tolerant of my selfishness perhaps? Or make my life go perfectly smooth, create a beautiful chocolate bubble for me to live in ?
    And I totally want to have a Reese peanut butter thing now…to bad they don’t sell them here. But as for the americans don’t know what chocolate is 😉
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  3. I guess we couldn’t put up an actual photo of the Air Delights… is that copyright or something? I’ll let you handle the tech stuff. If I had known you were going to actually publish, I might have thought of something more genius to finish with than, Have you wished Jesus would offer a chocolate bubble…. lol. I guess that’s the whole point. 🙂

  4. I thought of this new candy too! Then I was troubled by how the first thought in my mind was candy and not something lasting. I love you questions and to answer them yes, I am happy with the sandal wearing, prostitute-loving Jesus. He is so much more appealing than airy chocolate.

  5. Well, now. Wasn’t that thought-provoking! And you snuck that in by talking about something so near and dear to my heart. Oh, how I love chocolate in its purest form, and oh, how I love Jesus. The real, true Jesus I’ve grown to need and yearn for so desperately–no fluff needed.
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  6. What a good point! It seems like there is always some new “God trend” out there in the marketplace, but yes, the plain pure God is all we really need – and all I really want when I start to think about it too much. And if regular plain old chocolate with no bubbles comes my way, I’m pretty happy, too.
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    1. You nailed it with the “God trend”! If I could have written more, I might have even taken a swing at the trendy mega seeker churchers… but that might have been more touchy than tackling chocolate…. eek!

  7. Love how you tie in your thought-provoking question! Such a true statement, that we so easily buy into wanting more and better to satisfy our selfish and greedy appetites. I’ll take the One who was and is and is to come, the same yesterday, today and forever!

  8. I know when i first saw they were doing these fluffy things i sad give me the choc-o-late not the air- YES to Jesus to give me Jesus- not fluff:) good post:)

  9. Because the air is in cute little bubbles, we’re supposed to pay the same price for less chocolate and be happy about that? I just don’t get it. (Personally, I buy my chocolate at Aldi because it comes from Germany, it’s actually cheaper and it’s very good.) The American consumer can be so blind sometimes. It’s sad because, while we expect the world to be blind to the riches we find in Christ, there are too many Christians out there who have not yet learned that He is enough. The new little chocolate bubble is actually an empty hole. Give me the real, tried-and-true Jesus anytime. 🙂

    1. Aunt Kathy, Aldi chocolate is the BEST!!!! And you said it perfectly, too many Christians who haven’t learned that He is ENOUGH.

    1. Thanks Corianne! The credit for this post goes to my funny sister Laura, but she just agreed to do Five Minute Fridays for me every week, so we’ll get to see more of this brilliance. 🙂

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