Six months of Eating Poorganically

We’ve been Eating Poorganically for six months now, so I thought maybe I would give you a little update on how our lives have and haven’t changed since we started eating differently.  In the spirit of honesty, I am going to tell both the “pros” and “cons.” (Number 10 is my favorite. :))

1. Our food tastes better.

This is probably the most obvious difference for me.  I’m sure some might suggest that this is psychological, but eating homemade fresh foods with full fat and natural sugars tastes good.

2. I spend more time in the kitchen.

On second thought, this is the most obvious difference. Making homemade bread, granola, yogurt, and from scratch meals means that I spend more time in the kitchen.  I would have said that it wasn’t possible to spend more time in the kitchen, but it actually is.  The upside, if any, is that I get more satisfaction making these foods than I did before.

3. I spend about half as much time couponing and “deal” shopping.

My coupon cutting, matching, and sorting time has greatly decreased.  I still do all of these things, but on a much smaller scale.  Also, my husband has been able to help with shopping more because I don’t have elaborate coupon lists to go with everything.

4. We are full and satisfied after meals.

Probably the MAIN question people have asked about “real” foods pertains to snack foods like crackers and kid-friendly foods.  Honestly, we have the “munchies” a lot less. I’ve heard that the preservatives in processed foods are addictive, which explains why people have cravings for them even if they aren’t actually hungry.  While we do still snack on popcorn, fruit, and nuts, we are snacking a lot less; I would guess this is because our meals are more filling and nutritious.

5. Whining has finally decreased.

Related to the above statement, my kids are finally somewhat detoxed from processed foods, so they don’t whine about the selection of foods I offer.  Dylan just asked if he could have fruit salad for breakfast with apples, blueberries and oranges.  It is nice to be able to safely offer them ANYTHING in the house.  I am not strict about our eating outside of our home, so we sometimes eat chips, crackers, or sweets offered to us.  This concession means that whining at home is minimal, and my kids don’t feel too “constricted.”

6. We have no noticeable health changes.

You can take that statement for what it is worth. I’ve heard that many of the advantages of real foods are long term and preventative rather than immediate and prescriptive.  Also, we were all healthy and not overweight beforehand.  We’ve all still had colds, boogers, fevers, headaches, grouchiness, and all the normal symptoms of human life with kids. 🙂  Actually, the Providinator has lost some weight, but he has been lifting weights and working out, so I would guess it is probably more attributed to that exercise.

7. We read labels–the ones on the back.

I am now one of those annoying ladies who stands in the aisle staring at the back of the can.  Actually, I am starting to know what is in items without looking, but I still check for surprises.  Who would have guessed that there is SOY in a can of tuna? (Wild-caught, no less?)

8. We are spending about $50 more a month on consumables, but I am mysteriously getting this money somewhere.

I get that this makes no sense since we don’t have any more money than before, but this food money must be coming from our household items, diaper budget, medicine budget or something.  Maybe I am shopping less and it is coming from gas money?  I have no idea, but our overall financial picture is exactly the same, so the increased expense on real foods is balancing out miraculously. Not to mention, spending more means that we get to give more. Yippee. 🙂

9. We are eating less meat and sugar.

This probably goes without saying, but those are the main two differences that have changed my cooking.  I’ve had to adjust my recipes to accommodate these differences.

10.  We are now morally superior to people who eat processed food. Oh wait . . . no we aren’t.

I just want remind you all that you aren’t what you eat.  I think we’ve been over this pretty well, but I always feel the need to remind myself us.

Romans 14:17-18 (NIV)

17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, 18 because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval.

24 thoughts on “Six months of Eating Poorganically

  1. I am only at one month, but I have cut out wheat and most sugar. (Most processed foods.)

    I can say that food tastes differently in two ways for me.

    1. It tastes better.
    2. I like things I didn’t like before.

    Oh, and I have lost a LOT of weight. And somehow the meals are getting cooked. Between blogging and teaching, that is a feat, I will tell you.
    Shelly @ Coupon Teacher recently posted…FREE eBook: Sweets For Your SweetMy Profile

    1. Shelly, I am THRILLED to hear your story. I have several friends who were experiencing health problems who found that cutting out soy or gluten was the “miraculous” cure. I think the soy and gluten added to our foods as preservatives really “gunk up” our digestive systems. I will pray you continue to find the “kitchen” time you need in the midst of all you have going on. I’m in AWE! Truly.

  2. Great list Katrina! Probably our most significant changes have been eating less, but better meat, cutting out white flour and replacing it with wheat and eating more fruits and vegtables. While we are not yet total converts, we have made some significant changes!

  3. HA! If it wasn’t for our sense of humor and my total and complete stubborness, we would not have made it THIS far in our journey of eating “poorganically”. You made me laugh with #10.!

    1. Elizabeth, I don’t think I would have ever even started eating poorganically if it weren’t for my gall-durn “anything you can do, I can do cheaper” approach to life. 😉 I have to remember not to be too proud of myself for such a stingy skill. 😉 Thanks for reading.

  4. Wow, 6 months! I love your list of things that you’ve noticed/learned. I love #10. It’s so important to stay humble. 10 years ago I knew nothing about organics! I am thankful that a friend gave me some resources that enabled me to make educated decisions. I hope that as I move along and tell others about organics that they can read and make educated decisions. Even if they decide to continue eating processed food. It’s ok. At least they had the chance to hear the information and make a choice.

    I can’t wait to read your 1 year list! 🙂
    Deliciously Organic recently posted…Coconut BarsMy Profile

    1. I think educating ourselves and knowing what we are eating helps me to feel free to make better choices. Even if I occasionally make exceptions, I know the principles. (And full disclosure: I am squealing that I have now had not just one, but TWO comments from you. Eeeek!)

  5. Love this post…number 10 is my favorite. In our quest to eat healthier, grinding our own wheat, cutting out processed food etc., I sometimes FEEL judged by others…that we are trying to ” act superior”. Nope…just trying to BE healthier! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thanks for giving both the good and the bad. I’ve noticed recently that two very “big” coupon bloggers have said they are having to go gluten-free because someone in their family is now gluten intolerant. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think filling up on all that crap that we can get for next to nothing using coupons is to blame. Full disclosure: I run an organic coupon blog. However, even I am trying to do with less and less processed.
    Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal recently posted…Keeping on Track with My Fitness GoalsMy Profile

    1. I am definitely thinking all the soy in processed food might be more of the problem, but that is totally non-medical speculation. As for full disclosure, I disclose that I am going to your blog right now to scout coupons for super doubles. 🙂

  7. Great post Katrina, I really enjoyed it.

    I’ve never been a good grocery shopper so I never had to
    feel the loss of the coupon savings. I’m sure it takes a powerful
    leap of faith to choose to pay more and feel like you get less.

    But it is true that real food is more filling and better for you, so it’s
    my belief that the savings are returned to you.

    Thanks again for sharing all your hard work,

    1. I don’t feel like we “get less” anymore. I have realized that we are getting more for our money when we are getting healthy food. Also, I am still a couponer and am becoming a gardener too. Are you a farmer? If so, you are my hero. 🙂

  8. Love, love, love #10….thank you for making me laugh, yet reminding everyone of a very important truth!!!! Just discovered your blog and am so excited to read more!

    1. Glad you’re here! Thanks for reading the “archives.” It is nice to know the older posts aren’t going to waste. 🙂

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