Baby’s not a Baby Anymore

Not the best picture, but the most recent one that is on this computer. 🙂

We are still in the mountains and sans regular internet, so I am at sprayground area in Cherokee using the wi-fi from a coffee shop.  Since I don’t have much time to write a long tearful narrative for Baby’s second birthday, I am linking you up to Baby’s birthday post from last year when she turned one.  Of course, now she is not a Baby anymore, so perhaps I will have a little cry and then delight in the fact that after 6 and a half years, I am finally off the Baby-train.

Speaking of trains, when we get her potty trained, I am seriously going to have a huge whopping party. Anyone want to come?

Enjoy and repost to all your baby-loving pals.

See you tomorrow when we are back from vac-ay!

(Does anyone else HATE when people say “va-cay”? I know I do–braggarts!