Pick Me Apart

I’ve decided it is time to work on my “About” page, which describes what this blog is about and who I am.  I took a stab at it, but I feel paralyzed by the self-evaluative process. I renamed it “Who Is The Low Ryder?” Is that dumb? Anyway, you are all hereby commissioned to go the the new “About” page, read it, critique it, and pick me apart. Do you think I have described what the blog is actually doing or have I lost my way?

Thank you. Your service to this blog is greatly appreciated.



P.S. You have to tell me what you think for this to be effective. 🙂 Mom, in order to comment, you have to click over to the site now and then scroll down to where it says “Comment.”

2 thoughts on “Pick Me Apart

  1. Absolutely and perfectly written. The last sentence is a little awkward, however. But I loved reading it, and I love you! I am sorry I haven’t been a more contributing factor. I always look forward to reading what you have written, and I tell everyone to follow it! I think you understand exactly what you’re doing, who your audience is, and how to express yourself. I would just leave the menu title “About”, if you ask me.

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