CVS Gas Card Deal

$29.90 includes the $10 BP card. Whoppee!

Although I’ve somewhat deviated from the whole “frugality blog” thing, I just have to encourage you all to try the CVS Gas Card Deal this week, especially if you have kids in diapers.  Even if you are just going to grab a box to give someone for a baby shower, this is a great deal. I haven’t done the gas deal yet because thus far it seemed like mostly candy and junk food, but this week it has a lot of couponable household products.

Here’s how the Gas Card Deal works.  Each week, when you buy $30 Worth of particular featured items whether in one transaction or separate, you get a coupon for $10 in gas.  Well, the $30 is BEFORE coupons, so you can actually end up spending a good deal less. Plus, by scanning my card at the red kiosk when I came in the door, I got 4 ECBs for my spring purchases AND a $2 off 2 Pantene products, which I was planning on buying anyway for my gas card.  (Most of the featured products had coupons in this past Sundays P & G insert.)

So for $29.90 (which includes tax), I got a box diapers, a bottle detergent, shampoo, conditioner, a bag of wipes and toddler wipes (not towards gas deal, but needed in our house), and a $10 card for BP!!! Yippee skippee.  If I’d been thinking straight, I would have gotten TP instead of detergent because we are almost out of TP and have scads of detergent, but se la vie.  It was still a good deal.

Happy Shopping!

1 thought on “CVS Gas Card Deal

  1. well…i wish i could buy tide and use coupons here…but c’est la vie! (thought you might want the correct spelling in french) you can delete my post so you can take FULL credit! =)
    on a high note…I do not have anyone in diapers! 3 years straight now! and just recently i stopped wiping butts and brushing teeth! we may end up with a few streaks and cavities…but i am happy with my extra time! =)

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