June Save to Give

If, you’re new to The Low Ryder, check out Save to Give Challenge so these numbers will make sense.  (Although this month they are disastrous, so in some ways, they won’t make sense.)

As a result of my lost “Lo-Mo” and other such challenges, we blew up the Save to Give Challenge.

As you know, our budget for consumables (household and grocery items) is technically $400, but as we have yet to successfully achieve that number, I should probably get real. I should probably adjust it to $500, so that we can feel some sense of satisfaction when we are under that.  (Even though we weren’t this month.) Does anybody have some good statistics on how the price of groceries and produce has gone up?  I would like to know. Even though I don’t feel like I’m buying more some months, our numbers keep going up.

Here ’tis . . .

Spent: $571

Saved: $505.31

Egads!! That’s only 48%.  I haven’t had a number below 50% since I started couponing.  Now here’s the disastrous part.  Since we were spending out of our set aside “summer” money, not new income, we only gave . . . .

Gave: $148.

Blast.  I guess I will just have to make it up in a later month or hope for a glorious harvest from my garden in July that will enable me to spend miniscule amounts at the grocery. It is getting embarrassing to fail publicly at this challenge, but I guess that is what I get for saying I would do it.

Off to movie watching  . . .Hopefully inspirational blog ideas will come to me in my sleep tonight.