Alene’s Note

We’re STILL walking for food. Three more days. After my week of “de-stressing”, I am thoroughly stressed. (I think selecting the first week of having my husband and kids home was ill-timed. More on this later.) This week we are tackling possessions, so you’ll get to hear the harrowing adventures of finding 7 items per […]

Stress-less Summer

I have a confession. I jumped the gun a teensy eensy bit.  My friend Amy was having this online bookclub, discussing Jen Hatmaker’s crazy book 7, and  before I’d even read it, I agreed to write about the final chapter and the conclusion. I’d heard good things about the book, so what could it hurt? […]

I would be a Stil Meri

This is my FIRST heart observation for The Summer of 7, and I’m excited to HAVE a heart thing to report since some of this stuff feels like dumb legalism. One of the reasons that I had to change my Summer of 7 Food Challenge from only eating food I’d walked for and not eating […]

It’s So Arbitrary

I’m changing the rules. After only two days. (Read my first food post to get up to speed on this challenge . . ) See, I specifically designed this challenge to be conducted on me only.  Firstly, because my husband thinks that putting yourself on voluntary restriction during the summer is stupid. (What’s wrong with […]

TSo7: My Schedule and the Button

Since I announced The Summer of 7 in the last post, there have been a whirlwind of events, so I’m going to update you quickly. If you think The Summer of 7 is a crazy legalistic cult-like bizarro exercise in aseticism, join my husband and kids for Boycotting the Summer of 7, beginning immediately. 😉 […]

The Summer of 7 POST

Where you been, Katrina? Blog much? So, The Poorganic Life? Is that a blog, or just a Facebook page? That writing thing. That’s . . . not gonna happen; is it? No one has been asking these questions to me, but they have been reverberating in my head constantly as I’ve taken the last month  […]