It’s So Arbitrary

I’m changing the rules. After only two days. (Read my first food post to get up to speed on this challenge . . )

See, I specifically designed this challenge to be conducted on me only.  Firstly, because my husband thinks that putting yourself on voluntary restriction during the summer is stupid. (What’s wrong with him that he doesn’t jump up for summer of 7 boot camp?)

Secondly, because my children are 7, 5, and terrible 2 almost 3, so I had no interest in ramping up the whining factor.  Plus, the quantity of food that would have to be carried is a little overwhelming.

So, I wasted a stupid amount of money buying duplicate items for myself that I WALKED for to keep separate from their food.  Then I found myself thinking and saying, “THOSE ARE MY PEACHES. That is MY Raisin Bran!!”

I was a great example.  Very mature.

Truthfully, it is impractical to keep the “walked-for-MY food” separate from “bought- at- ALDI-their -food.”

Additionally, because I had not walked to get it, I threw away an enormous amount of food yesterday that was leftover on my kids plates.  Normally I would have eaten it.  In fact, I’ve quickly realized (in two days) that I pretty much subsist on the offal of what my kids reject. I had no idea what to eat for lunch since I there were not bits of crusts and chunks of banana stubs.

I tweeted Jen Hatmaker that I was feeling like this was arbitrary. She said changing a habit takes 21 days.

Gee. Thanks, Jen.

What am I going to learn from throwing away food and spending money to buy food that we already have? 

Should I have spent $4.50 on eggs at the Farmer’s Market yesterday when my friends at church sell their farm fresh eggs for $2.  Just because I DRIVE to church?

The walking part feels relatively easy–so far. We are pretty close to a lot of stuff.  I did it. I walked to Food Lion. And I walked to the Farmer’s Market. And I walked to two different restaurants in town. One for a date with my husband and one for ice cream. Walking for my food is kind of a good idea, but I know that I need to do it longer for it to change my heart.

I’ve decided to adjust.

Not eating food we have is wasteful.

Not sharing food with my kids is dumb.

Arbitrarily buying food we already have BECAUSE I walked for it is dumb.

Walking is still good.

Buying local is good.

Breaking down my vicious snobbery is good.

In light of all this, here are my NEW rules for the FOOD challenge, which will also apply to the categories of WASTE and SPENDING to some degree since I’m going for a locavore spin.

  1. Challenge will be extended until June 21, and unbeknownst to them, will include my family. (Don’t tell my husband.)
  2. We can eat any food currently in the house. This will prevent waste.
  3. We can eat food that we walk to buy or obtain, primarily Food Lion and the Farmer’s Market.
  4. I can also buy LOCAL food at OTHER local markets or stands, even if I drove. (Although I’m going to avoid driving TO them in general, but if I drive PAST them, I might stop. See the difference; it’s an important distinction. ;))
  5. I will not drive to the grocery store for food.
  6. You will bring me chocolate.  Sorry that just slipped out.

***Now that I’ve extended the challenge, there is a problem that I’d like you to weigh in on . . .what should I eat when I’m not at home?  I am going out of town next weekend. What should I eat then? What should I eat when we take my sister out for her birthday SOIREE??

How’s your Summer of 7 going? Arbitrary? Profound?  You can link up to the blog hop at each particular challenge.  🙂 Also, there’s now a FB group for those participating in the challenges or just interested to discuss them. 🙂


13 thoughts on “It’s So Arbitrary

  1. I think it was on your blog that I read a philosophy on organic food. When you’re out and about or if your mom brings you something, you’re not gonna freak out that it’s not organic. I think you can take the same approach when you are out of town or take your sis to dinner. I would think that the point of this is to change your general lifestyle, you basic habits. For most things, I’m of the opinion that as long as MOST of the time you are doing what you are trying to do and that the “bad” habits don’t characterize your life, it’s ok. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Page 29 – advice of Jen’s council, “don’t be an imbecile” when people cook for you or take you to dinner. I believe this would include your out of town weekend and sister’s birthday.
    Rachel M. recently posted…Co-SleepingMy Profile

    1. Ooo, I’m excited to see you’re reading this Holly. I’ve been following your blog! I love your story. 🙂 Seriously, having a shelf with my own food for two days was kind of empowering, but totally unrealistic. 🙂

  3. If you bring a packed lunch with your walked to locavore poorganic food to my birthday lunch at a nice restaurant, I will punch you in the face. Love ya sis! 🙂

  4. I’m reminded of the SDA co-translators who came to Ukarumpa, ate at my in-laws’ one night, and were served pork. My mother-in-law had no idea they were SDA. And it didn’t come out until after the meal, at which point she felt horrible if she had forced them in any way to go against their conscience. They immediately and graciously assured her that to refuse food cooked for them by someone was a much bigger sin than eating pork. So I agree with all comments above: do what most blesses (and least annoys – I bet Laura packs a powerful punch) those around you when on vacation. 🙂 Enjoy!

    P.S. Another time I stupidly had a meal made with Tasty Pork (Spam, basically, for those who did not live in PNG at one time or another) for an HIV workshop. The SDA-ers, about whom I’d forgotten, wouldn’t touch it. Thankfully, the food did not go to waste – the non-SDA guys were no doubt thrilled about the extra. But to buy the replacement food last-minute, already cooked, was about 5 times the price and involved a lot of crazy running-around on my part. But at least it blessed the SDA guys, who appeared truly grateful. (It was rotisserie chicken; who wouldn’t be?)

  5. Right now, for me it’s arbitrary. But I did just start yesterday with the food. My wife and I are going out and doing our ‘7’ related food shopping later today.

    I wasn’t sure how I wanted to work this week, all I knew was that I wanted to do this, and that if I followed my usual pattern and obsessed about the intricacies of how and why I would sacrifice/give away things each week, I wouldn’t do it at all.
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