TSo7: My Schedule and the Button

Since I announced The Summer of 7 in the last post, there have been a whirlwind of events, so I’m going to update you quickly. If you think The Summer of 7 is a crazy legalistic cult-like bizarro exercise in aseticism, join my husband and kids for Boycotting the Summer of 7, beginning immediately. πŸ˜‰

Just kidding. There is no such boycott. There is only wrangling people in whether or not they want to do it. πŸ™‚ To that end . . . .

1. Get the book already. Otherwise all this hulabaloo will just make no sense at all.

2. Check the margin for the button, which you can share continuously to get your friends to join in.

3. If you’re wanting to join in, you may want to re-read the page here, where I kind of re-explain how I ditched the schedule.Β  We are already starting up with the challenge, but as for what happens when . . . um, it just wasn’t summerish to schedule it out. You can do the challenge whenever it floats your boat. (But let’s face it, these are all fairly unpleasant, so I can’t imagine your boat will exactly be floating at any point. Just knuckle down and make a schedule for yerself.Β  All us blogger gals are doing it, so therefore, it must be the holy and pleasing thing to do. –Tee hee. How’s that for pressure?!?)

4. Share it on Facebook, Twitter using the buttons at the bottom OR there’s always good old fashioned Talking. πŸ™‚

5. Blog about it and link up at our blog hop. The same link up for The Summer of 7 is at ALL the blogs where you’ll find this series. (We are trying for omnipresence; we’ll see how it goes.)

SO, without further ado, HERE’S my schedule and the area of excess that I’m going to work on during each one. Obviously, detailed blogs on these are forthcoming.

June 1-7: FOOD I’m only going to eat food that I walked to purchase or obtain. No driving for food or eating food that’s been in the car. More on the horribleness that is this idea, coming soon.

June 11-17: STRESS I’m going to try the seven prayers from the book and also reinstate my no disclaimer rule from a previous post.

June 17-23: POSSESSIONS I’m going to try to give away seven things a day to a specific recipient–not just Goodwill or thrift.

June 23-30: CLOTHES I’m only wearing 7 items of clothing not counting underwear or bathing suits. We will be at the beach this week, so admittedly, I’m kind of cheating. I’m REALLY hoping my family will join me in this to minimize the disaster that is packing for the beach. (PS: Did I mention I’m potty training our two year old at the beach? That’s right; please send me to an institution directly after this.)

July 7-13: SPENDINGΒ  I’m not going to buy or do a single monetary exchange of any kind. Gulp. (Obviously we have some bank drafts that might come out, but that doesn’t count.)

July 17-23:Β  MEDIAΒ  Something horrible related to media deprivation will happen this week.Β  We will be camping in the mountains for some of this, so hopefully it won’t be too horrid. But truthfully, I know it will be wretched since our friends just gave us iPhones and Words with Friends is my crack.

July 28-Aug 3 WASTE/SELF: I have to explain why there are two things here.Β  Since it is hard to adopt a lifestyle of ridding waste in only one week, we are talking about substituting a week of ridding ourselves of excess “self,” by way of service to others.Β  So I’m not sure what this week will look like yet.

There it is! Don’t forget to link-up your schedule below in the blog hop. πŸ™‚


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          1. Never mind, I figured it out. I was trying to right click on the button to copy it instead of copying the code below. I’m still a little wet behind the ears on this stuff!
            Alison recently posted…Rethinking FoodMy Profile

  1. You’re crazy! πŸ™‚ But I can’t walk away from a challenge! And if all the cool people are doing it…. I’m going to put this in my hat & think on this. I know I can’t do all of these challenges but I might join you for a few because truthfully my heart has already been dwelling on some of these points.

    Ok, now I am excited!
    Robyn Q recently posted…A Wrench and the BlowdryerMy Profile

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