Meet Mrs. Ryder! Virtual Q & A for 7th-12th grade English and Writing

It’s that time of year where we are all trying to make decisions about the fall. This year more than ever, school related decisions are TOUGH! With CoVid regulations affecting all our lives, I’m REALLY glad to be connected with Shanan Tutorials, one of the best drop-off class programs for homeschoolers in the area. I feel really confident in this program and the efforts being taken to ensure a quality environment for children who are taking classes AND for me as a tutor.

This year, I am offering three classes, Creative Writing (8th-12th grades), Intro to Grammar and Composition (8th-10th grades), and Literary Genres (8th-12th grades). Mr. Gale, the other Shanan English tutor, is teaching Honors Grammar and Composition (9th-12th grades) and British Literature (10th-12th grades). Both of us are experienced English teachers and will work with you to help select the correct class for your student. (See note at bottom re: 7th graders.)

To give registered and interested parents a chance to ask me questions about classes, I am hosting a casual  Zoom “Meet Mrs. Ryder: Virtual Q & A” session just to help undecided parents find out more information. A Zoom session will give us a chance to talk through concerns.   I’ll share any info that I have about Shanan’s operational plans. In this way, you can meet me and ask questions before plunking down any deposit money.

This video gives a bit of background on me and the curriculum, but our Zoom session will just be a casual conversation. Click HERE to get the Zoom code for our session. It will be Wednesday, July 22nd at 11 AM.

Shanan’s current schedule is here. Shanan ScheduleMore information about Shanan can be found at their website. For those of us prone to sticker shock (I KNOW it seems expensive), please check out my post HERE about why I chose Shanan and think it’s the best deal. If you know me, you know I am extraordinarily frugal and do not pay for things that aren’t worth it.

The benefits of quality LIVE classes with experienced educators who you can meet in advance cannot be overstated. MOREOVER, Shanan tutors are prepared and experienced with seamlessly converting classes to an online format. In the Spring, this happened with ZERO delay. I was very impressed.

Please comment or email me if you have a question even if it’s not about my class. I would LOVE to talk you into attending Shanan or help you find a good fit for your student elsewhere.

***Advanced 7th graders are sometimes allowed at Shanan if approved by the tutor. I currently have a few 7th graders registered and am happy to talk to you about whether your student is ready for my class.