Quarantine Homeschool Tip #1 (AGAIN) DESCHOOL

QUARANTINE TIP #1 AGAIN!! DESCHOOL All y’all who started homeschooling right away to fight off anxiety and stress, PLEASE read my previous post and this link about deschooling. It is my experienced recommendation that you do not try to implement a whole new lifestyle and schedule this week. It is likely to backfire and frustrate you and your kids.

Start with super small things like setting wake up time, exercise time, reading time, maybe set up devices and make sure you know how to do all your logins, etc. I ALREADY homeschool, am already a teacher, already lived on a remote isolated island and stayed home for weeks at a time, and even with all that, I am still not doing much school this week beyond the minimum. I am deschooling my public school kid and letting my two homeschool kids off the hook for almost everything. TRUST ME. DESCHOOL.