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2014-02-13 009 (2)HI FRIENDS!! I miss you guys. I miss writing. But this season of life has just been really full of, um, not writing.  Oh well.

The bleak mid-winter is definitely the time of year when I start craving people because being trapped inside (and with sick kids) leads me to an indescribable mania. Can I get an Amen?  GET ME OUT OF HERE or COME VISIT ME!! Social media just doesn’t cut it for me at a certain point.  I need the REAL people.

Additionally, even though I don’t always sit down and type out all my mania, I am ALWAYS thinking of things I want to say and write and teach and share and discuss.  What can I say? Teacher+Extrovert+Mother of 3=Spazzy Occasional Blogger.

Which leads me to . . . a new You Go Girl! group. (Quite the non sequitur, no?)

I’m really excited about a chance for You Go Girl! to be resurrected by way of a new study coming NEXT WEEK. For Lent, I am hosting a 6 week study called Faith in the Valley: Stories from the Middle of the Journey.  We are going to be looking at some Scriptures about people who are kind of stuck in the middle of tough places in their lives and relationships.  I’m hosting this study because, of course, I love hosting studies, but also because I want kind of a focus group of women talking about this topic.Faith in the ValleyChildcare

In April, my wonderful friend Kay Bruner and I are traveling to Nicaragua for a women’s retreat for missionary and Christian women living there.  She’s going to speak and I’m hoping to share my story and help out.  Y’all, this is my dream. My DREAM.  I’ll tell the long version of why this is my dream soon, but I’m so excited. I cannot express. Eeeep!

Plus, it’s at the beach, so, yeah . . . get me out of February!

Selfishly, I’m creating this You Go Girl! group because I really want some ladies cheering us on, praying for us, and informing my preparation.  Plus Lent is a great time for accountability and commiseration as we slog towards the end of winter and the coming of Spring and celebration of the resurrection.  SO . . . . if you are still crazy and longing for connection, come on!

Just as a reminder for those who don’t know me or anything about You Go Girl!, basically, it’s my silly name for us being real together and not minding if we are from difference churches, or age groups, or races.

It’s a way for us to live out the Titus 2 instructions to teach and mentor one another as women.

It’s a way to really see face to face, rather than just via a screen relationship, what God is saying to us through the body of Christ.

And there will be coffee.

And there will not be toddlers. (FREE CHILDCARE provided just down the road at my mom’s house! Sign up soon.)

PLEASE share this flyer with your friends and churches and girlfriends.

It’s only 6 weeks. There won’t be homework beyond reading the passages.

I hope you will come join! Let me know if you have questions.

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  1. I plan on being there- weather permitting! I have two boys but my mom (she’s my only ride) doesn’t mind hanging out with your mom while watching the boys if your mom doesn’t mind either!

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