Faith in the Valley (FREE CHILDCARE!!)

Yesterday I posted about the new You Go Girl! Study Faith in the Valley, which begins next Tuesday.  This morning, my awesome mother (grandmother of 11) offered to have FREE CHILDCARE at her house , .25 miles from mine, while we meet.

SO NOW YOU HAVE NO TINY, WHINEY EXCUSES! 🙂 If you are sharing the flyer with friends, or your church, or FB, please use the NEW FLIER with the childcare pitch.

By way of explanation, you’ll drop kids at my mom’s around 9:25, come to my house at 9:30, sit in blissful kidfreeness, Leave my house at 11 AM and pick up kids at 11:05. The nice thing about this arrangement is that the kids are OFF SITE, so they won’t have any excuses to come out and pester us. (Isn’t my attitude about children really inspiring? Haha!)

Can’t wait to see you all next Tuesday! And if you can’t come this time, please share with a friend who could.

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