Finding the Rest of My Faith Talk

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Here is the video of my talk at Flourish on Finding the Rest of My Faith, April 11, 2014.  I apologize for the video/audio quality, but I was just recording on my iPad. 🙂 Someday I will teach myself how to make a really snazzy video and even splice in the slides. 🙂  The slides, however, are BELOW, the Youtube video, so you can see those too.

Here are the slides that went along with the video, but of course, they are not aligned in time so I don’t know how helpful it is other than to provide you with a copy of the Scriptures from the slides.

AND, last but not least, CLICK here to print the PDF of the handouts that I gave. One is a listening guide and one is a discussion guide.

One teensy, weensy more thing.  If you would like to encourage me as a speaker or writer, please share my blog with others.  Occasionally, people will say to me, “YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK,” which I love to hear and would love to do.  However, I’ve heard that it takes a following of around 10,000 regular readers to convince a publisher that you are a solid investment. As you can see in the sidebar, I currently have less than 300 subscribers, so I’m not quite there.

Now some rest for me! Happy Easter! He is RISEN!