Do you Crock On?

I love a good, simple crockpot recipe. By good, I mean one that does not contain ninety percent “unreal” foods like canned soups and mixes with MSG.  My friend Stacy, from Stacy Makes Cents has just published a new e-book called Crock On.  It is a semi-whole foods crock pot cookbook. I reviewed the Spicy Creamed Beef recipe in it, and it was DEE-LISH.  The cookbook’s recipe for Cheesy-Sausage Potatoes is available for free by clicking here.  It will give you an idea of the comforting, yummy that I’m talking about.

Crock On is only $5, but it is $2.50 for the first 25 buyers.

This is such a Christmas gift no brainer. As someone who has no brain about shopping, I can attest to this.

Click here to buy Crock On.

You know you want it. If only for the name, which is a clear invitation to awesome punning. Crock On, folks.

Oh wait, I have an even better one. Crock on, Crockstars!

PS: Typically, I am not a HUGE fan of excessive reading online, nor do I often recommend e-books. I don’t have a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other tablet, so the idea of purchasing e-books gives me pause.  However, since I end up searching online for and printing out 90% of the recipes that we eat rather than using my print cookbooks, I realized this particular e-cookbook would be awesome to have right there in my PDFs folder.

PPS: This post contains affiliate links.  I know that I previously pretended this blog and I were too holy to do affiliate type things, but then my kids said they wanted to go to Disney and college someday. 🙂 So there you have it.

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