Relevant Yet?

I got home from my blogging conference, Relevant, on Sunday afternoon, but I have been delayed in reporting the gagillion things I learned by the following:

My two little pumpkins and their faithful companions, Phineas and Ferb

Sunday–My kids and husband were so cute and wonderful I just had to kiss their faces and bask in being home. Also, we had some serious pumpkin carving to do.

Clockwise from Robot, Captain America, Batgirl, Princess Dora, Some tired mom who stuck a cowboy hat on.

Monday–Trick or Treat. Need I say more?

Tuesday–I went to Harris Teeter (my grocery store) to get produce for my bare cupboards and the check out clerk notified me that Super Double coupons would start TODAY.  Thus I spent last night couponing despite the blogpost ideas that were banging around in my head.

At midnight, I finally got my coupons printed and my strategy mapped out for scoring some amazing deals on my poorganically approved items. At 1 AM Dylan woke me with a tummy ache, and I held the bowl from 1-3 AM while he watched SpongeBob on Netflix and vomited.

Wednesday–We were out of coffee this AM!! Thankfully, there was some espresso stashed in the recesses of the freezer that Jeremy and I hooked up for intravenous delivery. (Just kidding-but only slightly).  I stayed home with sick Dylan and boisterous Anika and didn’t get out to Super Doubles till after bedtime. I drug my weary body up and down the aisles, trying to remember the reason that I was there. Ah YES! Coffee!! And baby wipes.

(Just let me head off the comments from people who want to tell me that baby wipes are not poorganic and not necessary and just to use a cloth. Umm . . . thhhhppppppppppptttt. That was a raspberry from me to you. That is all.)

Now I am home. I am exhausted. And I am still FULL of things to tell you about the conference and all the exciting new ideas I have for The Poorganic Life, but alas, it must wait until I get some sleep. Tomorrow night is Bible study, so it might be a while before I can give you the full lowdown, the F verse, and all the Poorganic menu planning and recipes that are in the mental queue.

But I will give you one little bit.

For those of you who were curious about God’s reasoning behind Big Catch Catches Air and why I ended up flying instead of driving . . . .

it snowed 10 inches in PA this weekend.  How’s that for a reason to get this southern gal off the road?


3 thoughts on “Relevant Yet?

  1. So glad you are back to warmer weather! yeah! I am excited to hear all about your fun trip. I am so glad you did not drive!
    Thinking of you guys..

  2. 10 inches? I think the most I saw on the ground (10 minutes away) was 4 inches. Although I guess there was a fair amount that fell and melted before it started sticking. It was also a very wet, dense snow that kind of compacted down and looked like less. Let me tell you, helping Nathaniel make a snowman was hard work–I could barely lift the smaller balls on top of the biggest one. Maybe if you come to Relevant next year you’ll bring a coat. =)

    1. Well, as I didn’t have a coat, I didn’t really go outside to play in it. I’m just repeating what I heard on 🙂 Either way, it was good I wasn’t driving in 4 or 10 inches of snow.

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