Dear Magic Eraser

Dear Magic Eraser,

I am long overdue in writing to tell you how much I love you and how much you have changed my life.  When I think back to the wasted years of cleaning with inferior products, I could practically cry with relief that those days are over.  I spent hours and effort, scrubbing, polishing, and shining, only to remove the smallest bit of scum or grime.  Now with a few quick swipes, crayon, pen, and even shower scum are long gone.  What was an arduous effort for me, was nothing for you.  You make everything good as new.

Once I dyed my hair and accidentally tipped over the bottle, creating a huge disastrous purple mess.  Stupidly, I spent forever with sprays and paper towel before it finally occurred to me, “Wait! I have MAGIC ERASER!” And VOILA! Just like that, even the most careless of mistakes was wiped away. Amazing.  I was awe-struck.

A few wipes takes away the pen mark

Now that I’ve discovered your MAGIC, I have to confess, sometimes I’ve become complacent.  I’ll make a big mess of some sort, go to the cupboard to find you, only to discover, I’ve forgotten to stock up!! You aren’t there in my time of crisis because I just took you for granted. How silly of me!  Now I try to remember to keep you close at hand so that I’m not stuck trying to clean up a mess with no decent resources.

This happened to my daughter Addie too, but in a more serious context.  Both my kids have realized how easily you are able to erase their sloppy crayoning or even exuberant marker usage.  Shortly after we got them bunkbeds, I caught Addie writing her name on the bunk in ball point pen.  I rebuked her, but she was indifferent. She glibly suggested, “just use the Magic Eraser! It gets out everything!”  I got you out and I showed her that while I could wipe away most of the ink, the pen had actually scratched the wood and damaged it permanently.  I think it was a good lesson for her to realize that even though you can erase the marks we make, our deliberate mistakes leave scars beneath the surface that may fade, but last forever.

When people come over to my house, they praise its cleanliness and see how good it looks, but they often don’t realize that it’s YOU who is making all the difference behind the scenes.  Without you, I’d be living back in my normal piggish mess.  I have to remember to say, “Well, I didn’t really do anything. It was just the Magic Eraser.  It’s amazing!”

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you and hope that you will always be present in my cupboard.  You are one of the few items that I will buy even when I don’t have a coupon and that is saying something. You are worth full price.

With undying love and affection,

Katrina Ryder

PS: Do you know a guy named Jesus?  . . . It’s crazy how much you two remind me of one another.

6 thoughts on “Dear Magic Eraser

  1. It is a great cleaner, but.. 🙁 ..sadly it does not remove the ever-present soap scum in my tub. Not quite up to the task, it just shreds or coats over and smears.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the goodness of magic eraser. I need to get mine out and wipe the nasty door knobs and their surrounding areas (meaning the whole door:)!

  3. Also in line with the spiritual symbolism, there is NO generic product that will do as well, even remotely, as Magic Eraser. You have to get the REAL thing. It could have been one of the items that I was going to include on a future (what I actually mean is probably never) post – When Buying Brand Name Matters.

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