The Trouble with Satire

This will be quick.

I should have known that using satire (defined as biting wit) would bring reactions that would be intense.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Thus it falls to me to clarify a few things after the last satirical post and the subsequent comments.

Firstly, I’ve decided to add “MORE-GANICS” and “CURE-GANICS” to the types of organic eaters out there.

More-ganics are mostly organic or real food eaters, but not necessarily quite as intense as the Uborganics.  More-ganics are more balanced even while having strongly held opinions.

Cure-ganics are people who eat certain types of organic or real foods for health or medicinal value, so for this reason, their food is like a medicine, thus more important for that reason.

Secondly, the definition (or lack thereof) of “Poorganic” is one that I’m making up as we do this experiment in Eating Poorganically, I didn’t really represent that view in the Satire, necessarily.  At this point, I’m not exactly sure what it means to be poorganic, though I like to think it will be a balanced point of view.

Just to  be clear though, I’m not Jesus. 🙂  I thought you would appreciate me clearing that up.

3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Satire

  1. I think a Poorganic is someone who is making a reasonable effort/desire to improve, while also living on a fairly strict budget. I think it’s very close to More-ganic in principle, but with a more exploratory side. As in, exploring the cost/benefit of balancing the budget with organic eating.
    I am very interested in how things will be when i go back to the US… as in, can i afford to remain more-ganic on my budget??? Maybe Poorganic can help me…

    1. oh and one more thing. i think i spend less than you on groceries here… but it seems that perhaps better eating is WAY more expensive in the US than here… I’d love to compare.

  2. After doing a lot of looking the other night in HT for all the organic stuff, I think I have decided it comes down to cost and convenience. The pull of the organic reasoning is not strong enough for me to justify the time, money, and mental energy. It’s not that I think it’s all “hogwash” (I am sure I could make that a pun if I tried), its just that it doesn’t relate directly enough to my every day life to make it worth what it would take to make it happen. But when the organic items are right there in front of me and they are on sale, I’m getting ’em. Plus more butter! But I have never seen the organic butter on sale, so let’s hope I can still avoid coronary disease with GMO cow milk fat.

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