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Hi Friends,

This will be a quick one. I have a new coupon/ money earning site to tell you about. It is called Recycle Bank. It is very easy to use and you can earn points that you redeem for coupons. (For example, I have been redeeming mine for Harris Teeter $10 off $50 purchase coupons.  This coupon requires 100 points. They also have Macys, Moes, McDonalds, Staples, and lots of other places . . . .)

Here’s what you do . . .

First you create an account. Click HERE to get started. (I happily disclose that if you join through this link, I will get 10 points, so please join just because you love me. If I get three people to join, I will get another HT $10 off $50.  Come on . . .help a gal out.)

Second,  you click “Earn Points” where you can take quizzes and pledges related to environmentally friendly or green opportunities. They are easy, and you get two tries if you are wrong.

Third, when you take the quizzes, you earn points, often by clicking little moving objects in the pictures or answering questions about canned cat food. (I don’t use canned cat food, but I still took the quizzes and earned the points, yippee skippee.)

Fourth, click “Get Rewards” to spend your points.

Fifth, wait for them to mail your coupon to your house. It only takes about a week.

Right now there is a “Green Your Vacation” quiz series where you can quickly earn the 100 points for the $10 off $50 HT coupon. ($10 off $50 Staples is 100 points too, which is great for Back to School.)  All you have to do is click on the moving items in the suitcase and earn points for promising not to burn down the forest, drop cans in the ocean, etc.   PLEASE join RECYCLE BANK HERE!!

Thanks. Do you have any other great sites to share about?

2 thoughts on “Recycle Bank

  1. If your garbage service is GBUSA you get points based on your recycling also. I usually can get three or four HT coupons a month, which more than pays for my garbage. Well worth switching, IMO, especially since I really like GBUSA.

    1. We use GBUSA as well and really like them. I’ve been redeeming my recycling points for HT coupons for quite some time now. I agree that it is worth switching. One of the owners of GBUSA was Michael’s football coach last season at Legacy Sports. A great company….and awesome that they contribute to RecycleBank.

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