Dylan the Parseltongue

In my last summer update post (which you’ll definitely want to read), I alluded to a new discovered talent of my son, Dylan, who is four.  He is a Parseltongue.  If you do not know what a Parseltongue is, you probably also do not know what the significance of this Friday is. Nor do you already have tickets, for this Friday, to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part II, like I do.

But if you DO know about Parseltongues, and Harry Potter, you will know how proud and slightly freaked out I was to see Dylan clearly communicating with this snake.

First he shook his head side to side. The snake followed.

Then he bobbed his head up and down. The snake followed.

Maybe he’s a Slytherin? No, there’s just no way. He’s too silly. He’s totally Hufflepuff; I have to be honest.

(Just in case you’re wondering about Addie, and I know you are, totally Ravenclaw.)

But then he did the same thing with the fish.

Maybe he’s a whisperer of the cold-blooded?

Maybe he isn’t a snake whisperer OR a fish whisperer . . . .

Of course, there is a slight chance that he might just be a general animal charmer. I mean, look at him with this monkey!

There is also a slight, albeit real possibility, that he is just a Muggle Mama-Charmer.

What am I gonna do with this kid?!

5 thoughts on “Dylan the Parseltongue

  1. I am so proud of his parseltoungue capabilities! Maybe he is related to the Potter’s?? That would indeed make him a Gryffindor! Woohoo! And I am OH SO JEALOUS of your Friday night tickets! =)

  2. Or maybe he’s just destined to teach Care of Magical Creatures. What a sweetheart! You’ll have to blog Saturday morning to tell us if the movie is good.

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