Hush Your Face


Shhhhhhhhhh . . . . .

While we were at the beach, Jeremy had occasion to write some song lyrics during a noisy car ride.  Since our return, the song has become quite popular in our house.  Sing it to the tune of the Children’s church song, “Deep and Wide” in a slow, melodic way.  Never indicate by any gesture or expression that the song is other than a beautiful lullaby.

Hush Your Face

Hush Your Face. Hush Your Face.

There’s a lot of whining; hush your face. (Repeat as many times as needed)

Hush Your Face. Hush Your Face.

We’ve heard en-nu-uff; hush your face.(Repeat until another relevant verse comes to mind.)

You will be glad to know that the lyrics can be adapted to just about any situation wherein the refrain, “Hush your face” is necessary.  Additionally, it is familiar enough that children will likely pick up the tune and sing it to themselves, as ours have recently begun to do.  Anika even came up with a delightful medley, which included the line “Hush yo face . . .the Bye-buh tehwz me sooooo.”

Since it has been one of those days where I had to sing this song a lot, I’m going to save both the Story of the Horrific Son-day and the Week 1 Wrap- up for another time.

As for the song (now permanently in your psyche) you’re welcome! 😉

3 thoughts on “Hush Your Face

  1. better than the bald bunny song… Which has been in my head the past three days.

  2. well… I just peed my pants, and now i have to wash the couch slip cover. 🙂 That is fantastic. I will sing it tomorrow to my kids. you always make me laugh.

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