Beach Pictures

I know technically it is bad blog form to just do personal blog stuff if your blog is not JUST a family blog.  Since my blog not exactly a family blog, I have suffered a few seconds of guilt for indulging in this album-like display; however, it is 11:53 and I need to hit the hay so I can be up early for Super Doubles tomorrow at 7; therefore, I have gotten over the guilt.  (I have to get there before all those other hoarding harpies with coupon binders get there. ;)–Ooo, maybe somebody should name her couponing blog “Hoarding Harpies” Ahahaha. I crack myself up at this late hour.)

I digress.  In lieu of a truly blog worthy bit of text, here are a few beach photos that give you an idea of what last week was like for us. FUN TIMES!

Addie spent every possible moment on the boogie board.
Dylan was delighted by an L shaped hushpuppy.
Just so you know, my standard for choosing family pictures is now finding one where J and I look good because the kids are too unpredictable.
Calabash Creamery-Yum. See-food ice cream
Sweet kiss with Daddy
Gangsta Rapper Dylan aka "Pink Ice Cream"
This is what it is all about . . .
Love it!
"Aw mom, just let me hit the waves already . . "
The prize for most Dr. Seuss-like sand castles goes to Addie and her cousin!
On the ferry to the NC Aquarium
Hopes of Anika sleeping in the stroller were dashed. I pushed an empty double jogger throught the aquarium. One man even called out "Wide Load" as I passed. Not cool.
Addie's the cutest crab . . 🙂

That’s all folks. See you tomorrow. I’m compiling all the comments on Summer Program to give you an update post with tons of great ideas, so look forward to that. Oh NO, the clock is striking 12 . . . .