I Got my Low Mo Back!

It’s been a few weeks since the upsetting moment wherein my body was over taken my space aliens who forced me to entertain the advances of a door to door salesgirl, who forced upon me overpriced educational products. After that, perhaps due to the trauma of that failure, I began to notice that I had become weak. Like Sampson’s hair, I took for granted that my gift of frugality was just that, a gift. I confided to J that I was worried I’d lost my couponing Mo-Jo. In mock-seriousness, he responded “No, it’s your Low Mo, as in ‘low money.’ ”  I laughed nervously.

He was right! I had lost my Low-Mo.  Suddenly, I couldn’t work the deal, I couldn’t get the rush, I couldn’t find the coupon.  Even after I returned the overpriced educational products, I began to worry it it was too late.  Maybe I really had LOST MY GIFT.

Last night I half-heartedly worked on my Super Doubles plan with no real hope that I’d score big.  But, I’m sure we will all rejoice together to know that . . . .


Today I spent $35.36 and I saved $97.08.  (Interestingly, the amount of the overpriced and ineffective educational products was $140. I know. Don’t say it. I’m a total idiot.)

Here’s what I got at Harris Teeter. I know sometimes the pictures are annoyingly bragadocious, but bear with me.  I’ve been on such a lovely couponing bouncy happiness, just like in my early days, two long years ago.  Tee Hee.

Because this is my blog and I can, I am going to tell you everything I got. Five boxes Mini-Wheats, 2 Palermos, 2 dozen eggs, 2 broccoli crowns, turkey sausage, 3 bottles juice, tub cottage cheese, 16 oz cheese, 40 trash bags, 20 pantiliners, 1 deodorant, Smart Balance milk, 2 bags meatball, box crackers, bag Catfood, 2 rolls aluminum foil, box green tea, bottle sunblock, 3 four-packs pro-biotic yogurt. WOO-HOO!


So there you have it! I’m off to bed. I’m ready for another trip tomorrow. Even if my Low-Mo goes on vacation again, I know, she’ll be back.

Love you all . . .

P.S. Those of you who comment are totally awesome and make my day. Those of you who are too nervous to comment and just send me private e-mails are depriving others from the joy hearing your comments.  C’mon. Comment. Say anything. Just say hi. Graffiti “Your name wuz here.”  I know I’m embarrassing you with my neediness, so shut me up. Comment. 🙂

9 thoughts on “I Got my Low Mo Back!

  1. Ok…so I am one of those who read, but never reply. While I was still teaching, my reading was not very often, but now that I am among the SAHM group, your blog is one of my “guilty pleasures” minus the guilty part.


    1. I can say that I wake up and look forward to what you are going to write about each day. Makes me want to blog myself, but too many other ducks to line up first. That one will have to wait for a later date.

    2. I WANT TO COUPON LIKE YOU! but I have no idea where to start. I was reading on Supersavers.com about where to start, but that doesn’t include the notebook you were mentioning in a prior post. Should I start with an accordion file and then work my way up, or is there an easier way to start. I definitely have ‘coupon envy’ and want to join the club of the extreme couponers. How many papers do you buy in order to have all those coupons. I am going to start getting the paper this weekend, so I am starting from scratch.

    3. I am glad the working-out-of-the-home mom days are over and now I can simply be wife and mom! I can’t wait to!

    4. I am glad you got your Low-Mo back! Keep it up!

    1. I mean Southernsavers.com….oops! That is what happens when I try to email with a 2 year old on my lap. Brain is elsewhere!

    2. Hooray! Comments!! I’m so excited. Thanks for encouraging me. As for couponing like me, I would talk to Laura. She will be able to teach you everything. Organizing strategies are totally personally, all with pros and cons. You may just need to talk to her about what you think will work best for you. Also, I usually only buy one paper, but most sites provide a “coupon preview” where you can see what coupons are coming out each weekend. I look at that and determine if there are coupons for products that I use that would warrant me buying an extra paper. With that said, however, the trip featured in this post was almost entirely using printable coupons. You should check out mycouponteacher.com. She is local and in my opinion, her explanations are a little easier to understand. Also, her site is a bit smaller; therefore, less overwhelming when you’re first getting started. She recently posted about a Charlotte Observer deal where you could get the Sunday paper for $1 a week, so check that deal out! If you try out her Savvy Shopper Course (just a free step-by-step way to learn couponing online), you will probably love it!

  2. SO funny that you mentioned the overpriced educational books since that same girl came here and showed me your name, and a couple of others that I knew, on her list of people who bought! It almost swayed my judgement since I thought, “Katrina is a teacher AND frugal zealot so they must be good!” Fortunately our bookshelves are already overcrowded with yard sale finds and Cam was home and looking over my shoulder. 😉 Congrats on being reunited with your “low-mo!”

  3. I can’t compete with these savings… I got 109 for 48. BUT I did have ALL FOUR girls with me at 2:30 pm (yes, I was insane and cruel) and the trip culminated in Finley (on my chest in bjorn) crying, and Lilia and Maddie scream/cry/whining in the cart while Karissa attempted to calm them so that I could decided which 5 items to put back since I had somehow miscalculated my number of coupons and I was absolutely unwilling to pay full price for a box of Cheezits, a box of cereal, a pack of smoothies, etc. That would have been bad enough except I realized I had forgotten my 10 off 50 coupon… I could have literally wept. The order only came to 48, but of course I would have picked up something to bring it to 50, thus paying only 40. but, alas. There is always today to spend another 40 dollars. 🙂 Glad to hear you got your Lo-Mo back. You’re just not quite the same irresistibly adorable and clever self without it. 🙂

  4. Hello!! I also always read your blog but never comment!! 🙂 So I thought I’d stop by and say, “Eunice wuz here!”

  5. Hi Katrina,

    I think I have a left a comment before, but in my summer vacation haze, I’m not sure. So here goes. So glad to hear your “low-mo” has returned! It actually made me happy to hear this after my last adventure to MY HT store at 8:00a.m. on the first triple coupon day in forever with a not too happy 3 year old. I entertained the thought of boycotting MY HT as the stock was gone and all of these strange coupon people (whom I’ve NEVER seen at MY HT) were traveling through the store discussing coupon strategies and buying everything that I wanted. I thought they might feel sorry for me and give me one of their free toothpastes, but alas, it was not to be. They just looked at me like “can’t you control your running/screaming/laughing/not listening crazy child so I can get everything free?”
    Long story short, I have a renewed alliance to HT because of your great deal. I might even go on my 2nd adventure this week (this time w/o kids…) to see what kind of deals I can make.
    Thanks and I’ll let you know what happens:)

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