It so happened that about a month ago, I realized that if I continued to be a heel-dragging lazy blogger, I would successfully be able to combine my hundredth post and my 1 year blogaversary.  Thus, thank you for being here to read the Centeniblogaversary Post.  A few of you (thank you Laura) have been with me since the beginning and to you, I would like to say, wow! You are loyal beyond words.  For the rest of you, go back and read the last year of posts to see if there is really any reason for me to continue with this nonsense. 🙂

But the real reason for this post is something else entirely.

As you well know, I’m nothing if not totally random and lacking in cohesive thinking. In honor of Dylan’s 4th birthday this week, I wanted to write a post for him.

First I began a long story about when I got pregnant with Dylan. But I didn’t finish it.

Then I began a story about when Dylan had colick and was awful (but turned out to be good). But I didn’t finish it.

Finally, I began 10 Wonderful things about Dylan, but really about half of them had to do with his smile being so dang cute and infectious, so I really didn’t have 10.

So now, because I have survived having 4th birthday party and being wretchedly sick all week, I have just decided to put up a series of pictures of my adorable son Dylan. Happy Birthday Little Dude! You’re the best little guy I ever knew.

(If you can get through looking at all these pictures without cracking a smile, I advise therapy for you. )

1 thought on “Centeniblogaversary

  1. I LOVE these photos of Dylan! I am so thankful he was born, he has even given our family some hilarious one liners we use regularly on each other. He is a priceless boy with a spirit of JOY….and the serious cuteness is awesome too!
    Love, The Martins =)

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