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This is really an April Save to Give update, but I know some of you don’t read things with the word “update” in the title anymore than I read e-mails with the word “cashiers cheque” included.

As usual, I am adding a bit of clarification, rationalization, and information to my Challenge, but first, the numbers.


Spent: $595.57

I know!!! I don’t even know what to say. Our budget is $400 and even with Addie’s birthday and Easter and Spring Break, I cannot explain such a gargantuan number. Yes, we did stock up on some things. Yes, we did splurge on things like strawberry picking and party items, but nonetheless, I am appalled.

Saved: $571.84

Of course, spending more means that we saved more, but it also, thanks to the challenge means that we have to give more.  That was kind of the whole point of the challenge.

Addie runs a her first lemonade stand at an Adoption Fundraiser. 🙂

Given: $488

Giving Deficit: $83


I am a little worried because in thinking about matching it, I mentally uncovered an upcoming problem.The thing is, the amount we’ve already given is automatically drafted from our account during the 10 school months when J is paid.  Because the “auto” giving for non-summer months is slightly more than our budget for consumables, I usually don’t worry TOO much about matching our giving with our savings if we stay in budget (which we didn’t do this month–therefore we have an $83 giving deficit)  The point of the challenge was to stretch our giving, especially in months like April when we stretched our spending on consumables.  The idea being that if I was able to find $195 more to spend on us, I should be able to find $83 more to give away. (Does this make sense?)

Here’s the rub . . .

Seedlings for the Garden--Unfortunately none are for hamburger tree.

I forgot that in the summer, some of our “automatic” giving drafts stop because we have no income.  In the summer, we live off of money that we’ve set aside simply for our budgeted living-not our giving.   So I haven’t been setting aside extra money to give away for the challenge.  (STUPID!)

It is going to be MUCH HARDER to make our giving in the summer match our savings unless we

a. Consume freakishly less–thereby decreasing our savings.

b. Purposely and arbitrarily try to save less by overpaying for things

c. Find money laying around to give away.

d. Miraculously have our garden produce virtually enough food to sustain us, including a hamburger, hotdog, and mac’ n’ cheese bush.

e. Devise another way of giving value without actually giving money . . . which means that we might have to somewhat arbitrarily assign value to acts of service or donations or the like.

Does this sound fishy? Does this sound like I’m cheating the challenge? I would really appreciate honest feedback as I am not eager to be struck dead and drug from the room Saphira-style.

I am praying a lot about this, but I’m curious what your thoughts are . . . I know that maybe 3 or 4 others of you are doing the Save to Give Challenge. What do you think?

Also, I’m praying about the recipient of the $83 we need to give. . . . .and I’m looking for the $83. 🙂

Are we having fun yet?


7 thoughts on “Giving Value

  1. I think you should feel completely comfortable in regard to that deficit, with what you are doing for Hoskins Park food drive counting towards your giving. Not only the actual products that you are donating, but also the time you are spending getting the information out to other couponers.

    1. Ooo . . . good call. I didn’t even think of that. But that will be for this month. I think the Save to Give Challenge has rollover though. In fact, I’m adding that now.

  2. Not fishy! You’re just working out the kinks in your plan! Be gracious with yourslf. 🙂

  3. I am in agreement with Laura…also, you spent a lot of time and energy planning and organizing a VERY lucrative adoption fundraiser for a family who dearly loves you! At $10 an hour for your time, I would say you far exceeded the $83.

    1. Yes please, another pantry challenge! I need the inspiration and the motivation! 🙂

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