January Save to Give Update and Idea

My Budget Resolution Workshop has kept me busy this past month, hence I haven’t blogged much. I did want to give you an update on the Save to Give Challenge for the month of January. (Check out the Save to Give Challenge if you have no clue what I’m talking about.)

My monthly budget for consumables is $400.  Unfortunately we spent $444 last month on consumables.

Thankfully we were able to give away more than that amount!! Yippee Skipee.

BUT, as you recall, I said that we would give away not the spent amount, but the saved amount, so GULP . . .

We saved . . . $586!

Hmm . . . so far we have NOT given quite that much away.  But I vowed to do it, so I am going to have to get crafty and figure out how to make this work.

How did you do on your January Save to Give?

As encouragement for the Save to Give Challenge, each month I’ll try to give you a suggestion of  ministries that you can give to if you are just not sure what to do with some of your savings.

So if you are like me and are trying to think of ways to up your giving, I have a terrific idea that is yummy, practical, and will keep you out of the kitchen tomorrow night.

My friends Jon and Amy Chin are raising support as missionaries with MAF heading for Indonesia. This SATURDAY, FEB 5th, Chik-fil-A at Carolina Pavillion here in Charlotte is giving a portion of their sales to the Chins’ ministry. Anyone who mentions the Jon and Amy’s ministry (while ordering yummy chicken between 4-8 PM) will also be supporting this amazing couple heading into missions. SO easy and awesome, right!?!  SAVE TO GIVE. And EAT MORE CHICKEN! 😉

Also, I can’t go since I’ll be out of town, so Waxhaw and Charlotte folks, go eat some chicken for the Chins on my behalf!

2 thoughts on “January Save to Give Update and Idea

  1. Your brother treated me to lunch at a Chick-fil-A when I was down visiting. The food was yummy and there’s nothing comparable here in NY. If I was near Charlotte, I’d go support your friends. What a great way to raise support!

    FYI – Our local Applebees puts on a pancake breakfast on Saturdays to support local groups (like the Christian school). You supply your own workers (they only do the cooking), but its “all you can eat” and $4 of the $5 charge goes to the fundraising group. Check your Applebees in NC to see if they do it too.

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