Not Too Good To Be True

Album Cover from the 2004 Ryder Christmas Album

As I stated previously, I’m going to be all hush hush about the Christmas goings on here at the Ryder household because of my vastly vocal following who will spoil the fun for family. The photos will simply be to demonstrate the Christmas joys we Ryders have experienced over years passed. (Basically, since we have had a digital camera). Meanwhile, I will tell about something unrelated. (Here at The Low Ryder, I pride myself on my randomness.)

Christmas 2005 in Papua New Guinea

BUT, in this installment of My Cheap Trick, I HAVE GOT to tell you about something awesome.

I am making money this Christmas!

This is not a joke or a pyramidy thing. I don’t believe in those. I mean. I do. I love Mary Kay and Tupperware and Pampered Chef, and recently, 31 gifts,

Christmas 2006 Addie perfects the gingerbread. (Serious business!)

but my ability to infectiously sell others on the love is . . .well, crappy.  I’m not a saleswoman.

However, today I got a check in the mail for $19.39 cents. That check was my paycheck for 2010.

I know. Don’t be so jealous. It is a lot. Most stay at home moms make nothing in green that isn’t Crayola inspired.

And . . . .I have another check in my payroll account waiting for me to finish my shopping. It is almost $14. That’s right. You heard me.

This year I did my Christmas shopping online through Ebates. (in my jammies)

Christmas 2007 Back in NC and picking out our tree

Let me tell you, it is SO EASY. It is NOT too good to be true. (Would I lie?) Think of Ebates as a mall entrance with almost all the stores in the world inside. (Walmart, Target, Sears, Lands End, Macys, Bath and Body Works, Kmart, Lowes, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

Once you enter the Ebates mall and give them your address, then all the shopping you do in the mall gives you a rebate.  When you click on various stores within Ebates, you can see all the coupon and deal codes that each store is currently running.(Like tonight at LANDS END-Free Shipping and 25% off EVERYTHING! Plus 6% of your purchase back to you through Ebates. Right on!)

Christmas 2008 No one can rival my Addie's Christmas spirit. Especially when she's workin' the up-do.

And then you shop and Ebates watches and then they send you a check every 3 months.


I’m not kidding. I am completely BAFOONISH in all areas of smarts related to online shopping, but this was the breakthrough of all times.  They just mailed me a check for a percentage of my purchases. All I do is go to Ebates and then click through to my store of choice. (Not too good to be true, remember?)

As a super duper awesome bonus, when you sign up at EBATES and then buy something, $5 will automatically go into your account.

Christmas Morning 2009. That is the EXACT outfit I am wearing right now! Santa hats are amazingly comf.

Also if you sign up by clicking HERE, and then buy $25 worth of stuff, I will get $5 in my next paycheck for referring you. I will confess that I am partly doing this blog post for this reason. But I will be helping you because it is really, truly, worthwhile. So I guess it is kind of pyramidish in that sense, but once you establish an account and then refer people through your account, I get nothing, but YOU will get $5 to your account. I suppose this free advertising is how they make their money. And I guess, how I make mine. (Oh sweet blessed $19.39. I earned you by the sweat of my fingertips clicking on the keyboard.)

So if you are smart, sign UP! It is great getting paid to shop. It is great not dragging my kids to the store. It is great having all the presents arrive at my doorstop, not having paid ONE shipping charge. (There are SO many coupon codes for free shipping!)

Okay, excitement makes me ramble. PLEASE do yourself a favor and sign up and get shopping while there is still time for things to arrive by Christmas. 🙂

Just in case you didn’t get that link it is EBATES.COM

5 thoughts on “Not Too Good To Be True

  1. I signed up for Ebates on Black Friday and did my shopping online! I will vouch for all that you said, it’s legit, it’s free money! Love it!
    have you ever heard of Swagbucks? I signed up in April of this year and have earned $90 in gift cards! here’s my post about how it works:
    Sign up under me! Wish I could return the favor and sign up under you for Ebates, but I already have an account.

    1. Yes, I also have gotten Amazon gift cards under Swagbucks too. But not $90 worth. That is pretty impressive! I just do the basics with the toolbar; I can’t get into watching the videos or taking surveys, which I never seem to qualify for.

      1. I had 18 people sign up under me for Swagbucks. and you get point for point each time they get points up to 1000 then it stops matching. So a majority of my gift cards was for the people who signed up! I only use the toolbar too.

  2. I love Ebates too (just cashed a check today!), but find swagbucks slow-going. I’m sure everyone knows this, but they just added grocery coupons to swagbucks…supposedly every coupon you use is worth 10 swagbucks. So maybe that will finally help my balance?

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