Squeaky Wheel Gets Huggies

I don’t like to be the squeaky wheel.   Even though the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I always feel that it is not worth someone else’s discomfort or even my own nervousness about approaching the conflict. Every now and then, however,  a couponer, or even a regular “normal” shopper, will have something go awry. These inevitable conflicts are annoying.

As I mentioned in my Green Eyed Monster Post, when we were out of town for Thanksgiving, I had to make a diaper run.  Wouldn’t you know, not only did I have to haggle the cashier for the rewards I’d earned, but one of the bags of Huggies had several (5-6) diapers with only one tape.

Of course I didn’t discover this in time to return the diapers.  Can I just tell you how insanely frustrating it is to be changing your baby on the passenger seat of the car at a Christmas tree farm with the frigid mountain air blowing at your back, only to discover that the last diaper in the diaper bag is an uno-taper!  That was not actually a question. I did tell you. It is awful.

So I was mad about the diapers. But as a middle child, I am peace loving, conflict avoiding, and generally will do nothing more than complain to several friends about my misfortune. I did that. Complain to friend. check. Complain to husband. check. Both advised me to complain to someone else; perhaps at the diaper manufacturer.

(Can you believe that they weren’t enthralled with my riveting story about the bag of diapers with missing tapes?)

Yet it stuck in my craw. So I decided to take a few minutes to contact Kimberly-Clark and nicely tell them that, as a loyal Huggies consumer, I was disappointed by my recent experience. (To be frank, I am no more loyal to Huggies than to Pampers or any other manufacturer who issues promotions that enable me to buy diapers for $5-6 a bag, but you get the point.)

I tried to be nice and ingratiating as is my middle child way.  I pointed out that my “Enjoy the Ride” rewards account would reflect how loyal I actually am.

Two days later, I got an e-mail apology by reply, stating that I would be issued some coupons.  And today, guess what came in the mail.


There you have it! Being a squeaky wheel isn’t such a bad thing if you’re nice and ingratiating about it. 🙂  Also, I now re-love Huggies with a renewed passion not to exceed $12.

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