The Low Ryder Resolution Group

Pre-makeover pumpkins

This fall, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats, one of which has not been my blogging hat. (I know–I’m really stretching it to be able to use these photos of our pumpkins before and after their makeover courtesy of Addie.)

(Which begs the question, what does a blogging hat look like? I’m hoping like the tall one with the sash.)

Dressed up and ready to go!

I know I’ve been MIA lately, but in an effort to focus on quality over quantity, I’ve been resisting the keyboard when I didn’t have time to really write something decent. Also, I’ve been mulling over and preparing for a couple of ideas that I’ve had.

Dah-dat-dat-dah!!!! . . . .

In the new year, (only 6 weeks away) I’m starting the first ever Low Ryder Budget Makeover Resolution Group!!! (I am definitely open to suggestions for catchier and briefer titles. This is horrifically long, but I’m seriously bad at brevity. Have you noticed?)

In the fall, I spoke for a women’s meeting about stewardship and was encouraged by several people there to expand that talk into a more interactive series. For a while I’ve been missing teaching and have been praying about how I could share some of my budgeting and frugality strategies in REAL life, SO . . . beginning January 6th I’m leading a group to discuss the philosophical and practical ways that we can really SIMPLIFY, and of course, do it in a happy way.


Too precious!

Here’s the FAQ–even though no one has actually asked any of these questions.

Who?: I’m guessing people who have a New Year’s Resolution that has something to do with money.  If you have read this blog and thought, “How does a family of 5 live debt free off of less than 50K a year?”, than this group will answer that question for you.  I will share from my experience, with ZERO financial lingo, about how to adapt your lifestyle to fit your income.

When?: Thursdays, Jan 6-Feb 3 (5 weeks) 10:00-11:30 AM (Childcare drop off is earlier.)

Where?: Downtown Waxhaw, details upon registration. (For those of you out-of-towners, do not despair, your chance is coming . . . . TBA. )

How Much?: $10; $20 for those using childcare; $30 for those with 3 or more children in childcare (Seriously people, who has three kids under school age? C-RAZ-Y! This money is to pay for the venue, coffee, and babysitters. I am making zero money off this.)

What?: Basically, we’ll be talking through some money management strategies and the Biblical basis for them. We’ll try to develop some practical, not just theoretical approaches to debt, savings, giving, etc.

Homework?: Some weeks, I’ll give you some handouts you can work through that will aid you in discussion or practical steps, but there is no MANDATORY homework.

If you have other questions, please feel free to ask as a comment.  If you’d like to sign up, DON’T put that in comments, e-mail me through the contact form.  Space and child care are limited, so don’t dilly dally. Even though Christmas time is busy and you might resist planning for January, think how happy you’ll be to have a group to help you jump start all those resolutions related to your financial makeover!!  ALSO, please pass along the info about this group to anyone who might benefit.  Spread The Low Ryder love!!  (I know, shut up. I still don’t have a like button. But seriously, just copy and paste you crazy thumbs-up clickers. How hard is it?!?!)

****UPDATE*****There are 7 ladies signed up so far and 9 kids in childcare. I really only have room for about 10 in childcare, so if you want that spot, hurry and sign up.  We can cram in as many adults as we want though. 🙂

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  1. well, I’m commenting so that you know your blog does not fall on deaf ears. 🙂 I would like to come and have coffee and socialize, but I’m not really down for the financial class aspect (despite the lack of lingo). However, I hope you have a wildly successful response from those smart enough to follow in your frugal footsteps!

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