I know I am full of excuses for my absences, but in this case it is legit–not just my disorganized life or naughty children. Our modem died last Wednesday morning and it has been a week waiting for our horrid provider (rhymes with (sins-team) to send us a replacement that they kept telling us would arrive the next day. In that week, I have realized the depth of my internet addiction and vowed to return to the blogosphere in a more sane fashion.
Silly Eagle Books

However, in the lost time, I missed linking you to my guest post at my friend Vanessa’s blog Silly Eagle Books where she blogs about childrens’ books and crafting ideas. Check out my favorite five kids books AND adorable craft ideas for a fall decorations. I am completely jealous of her talent and book inspired baby nursery.  And for a craft that even I could do, check this book pumpkin!

See you again soon!

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