The Run-off: Just help yourself

Is this The Low Ryder?

I’ve just gotten off the phone with my mom to confirm The Official Recipe with detailed instructions. (See this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Skip down to the cookie picture to find out.)

I’ve copied down the addresses of the 11 ladies to whom I will be e-mailing the recipe, but, as for the rest of you who did not comment, I thought to myself, “Self, you should give them just a little bit more time. They NEED this recipe. They don’t know it, but they do.  Not many foods really solve problems. But the cookies . . . well, they solve problems.”

Plus I’m in a bit of a fix because there is a sort of tie between. . .

The Low Ryder: Helping you to feel better about yourself by comparison, which used to be my favorite.


The Low Ryder: Happily parked in an upwardly mobile world, which is now my favorite because so many of you made me feel awesome for thinking of it.

Now I have visions of a logo with Vanagons and flowers and campfires and smores and all the things that make me glad to live this simple crazy life.

Well, it is not really a tie. Happily parked won by two votes, but there were not that many votes, so I want to make sure that we are really sure it is better. I like it a lot, but it is kind of a tongue twister when you say it out loud.  I’m wondering if it would be equally awesome if it were

  • Campin’ out in an upwardly mobile world
  • Happily cruisin in a fast lane world
  • Happily parked in the fast lane

Or some such combination of ideas where The Low Ryder = still and low energy by contrast to others who = fast and feel plagued by guilt for all they aren’t doing.  But not that because it is much too long.  Sorry for the stream of consciousness

Oooo00, what about? . . .The Low Ryder: Low and steady wins the Race

You know. . .  like in the fable about the tortoise and the hare. Of course, I suppose if I have to explain it, that isn’t very good. Did you get it before the explanation?

I do want to avoid a too heavily automotive theme even though I realize that I’ve kind of gone there on my own. I mean, I don’t want the image of a lot of parked cars, especially those that just sit in yards, dominating your minds when you think of my site. Nor do I want “upwardly mobile” to conjure flying mobile homes in your mind.  But here we are . . .so  anyone, anyone . . .

Judy Tenny’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe will go out by e-mail in the AM.  And I will taunt you by telling you that I have previously had myself and passed along to others a FAULTY copy of the recipe, so those of you who thought you had it and didn’t offer a suggestion OR felt hopeless because your version never tasted like the real thing, well, the secret is out . . .

Help yourself to get the real cookies by helping me. PLEASE!

(I wonder how much my readership may have dwindled lately based on the extent of my patheticness lately.

Wait. What!!?

Why is that red line under “patheticness”?

How is patheticness not a word?

I’m going over to to look this up.

Oh, this is an outrage!  Can you believe that it is supposed to be “patheticalness” according to

What?! That has a red line too! DANG IT.

I hate spell checker.)

15 thoughts on “The Run-off: Just help yourself

  1. I KNOW I’m one of those 11 ladies, but just to make sure… I like “Happily parked in an upwardly mobile world”. It’s not any more of a mouthful than the others, and it’s not dumbed down — ooh there’s a red line under dumbed, too. Hmmm. There’s another one. 😉

  2. I got it w/o the explanation but like happily parked better. Campin’ out and upwardly mobile don’t seem parallel enough ideas. I like the original the best, but happily parked in the fast lane *is* more concise.

    (BTW I love, but no way is “patheticalness” better than “patheticness.”)

  3. Well…I’m going against the flow. I like the “helping you to feel better about yourself”. You do! I always laugh & smile and feel that it’s okay to be obsessed with finding fantastic deals at RiteAid & Kroger’s because you feel the same way about CVS. Thanks for the blog!

    Oh..and I am subscribed via feedburner.

  4. oops I just saw that I never actually commented on the original post…. I was “talking to you in my head” again. A habit I’ve GOT to break! So, thanks for the 2nd chance because I definitely need that cookie recipe.

  5. I didn’t reply yesterday because I’m still trying to think of some pithy sub-title for you. I didn’t think any of your suggestions seemed to grab the real essence of your blog. Sorry…
    And I’d really rather have her oatmeal cookie recipe 🙂

  6. Of the two, I do like “helping you to feel better about yourself by comparison.” Not that there is anything wrong with either option though. I agree with Angie….that is what this blog does. Although it doesn’t make me feel better than you, just similar to you! Does that make any sense? This is why I don’t blog. 🙂

  7. happily parked in the fast lane ALL the way!! love it. conjures up such a great image in my mind of you sitting in your car happy to NOT do what everyone else is doing and flagging down anyone you can to join you in enjoying the view!!

  8. OK. Still happily parked all the way. I like the substitution of the fast lane–it fits the metaphor better. BUT. BUT. BUT. Big BUT. Please don’t park IN the fast lane. How about BY? BESIDE? NEXT TO? Something less prone to result in carnage.

  9. Katrina,

    Everyone’s comments are dead on. I was nodding my head and agreeing totally with Teri and Lisa…it’s not too much to say (how often do we say the logo catch phrases of any given website, blog, or group…maybe on TV, but not online), it’s not overly automobile imagery inducing – but fast lane is more concise and to the point of your message. As to the overall discussion: you are over analyzing, not patheticizing. (yes, red line) I also concur with Angie and Kathy Q, and Aunt Kathy has a point, too…is there something missing? Overall I believe you do, tremendously, help others feel better about themselves – not necessarily by feeling “less better” about you, thereby affording them the room to have elevated feelings about themselves – but by sharing your life in a way where we all say, …Hey, Me too! I read your blog faithfully and I always enjoy it. I feel I get to know you in a way that I haven’t ever before, and I’ve known you a LONG time! In conclusion, I feel that Happily Parked in the Fast Lane is the best description of your intention as an author… Kristi said it right – you are happy in the car, packed in with the fam, looking out for deals and steals and meals, laughing, gritting teeth, sleeping when possible… and singing your tune of contentment loud and clear so that others whipping by might slow, observe, get to know – and then park alongside, happily.

  10. Hahaha, just say Kay’s comment… She has as point, though not one I had considered before. I say stick with “in” but “by” wouldn’t be too different if you felt the carnage was an issue.

  11. While ultimately it’s up to you to decide on a subtitle for your blog (I’ll read it whatever it’s called! :), the only thing I don’t like about being “happily parked” is that it seems a bit stagnant (to me!). I feel like we’re always moving and always progressing — maybe not at the same rate that the world is, but growing and changing, nonetheless. That being said, I still like “helping you feel better…,” but I do like “Low and steady wins the Race,” a LOT. 🙂

  12. Katrina, you’re full of clever ideas! I like “Low and steady wins the race.” Or how about “Low rolling in a high roller world”? Or “Taking an exit from the fast lane”?

  13. My favorite is definitely “Low & steady wins…” and I did get it w/out the explanation, though the runner up would be “Happily parked…” I probably responded to this blog too slowly since I didn’t get on e-mail or your site until now, but thought I’d try anyway.

    I am really enjoying reading your posts–you’re a brilliant writer!!

  14. I got the low and steady wins the race one, and I kind of like it. I like the happily parked one too… Not sure which I like better. Maybe the low and steady one–something about it makes it sound nicer to think that you are moving, or progressing, even though slowly, whereas happily parked brings up connotations of being stagnant and happy about it. Of course I don’t know that I’m thinking too clearly after spending two days digging through a house full of my husband’s grandparents’ almost 70 years of accumulated belongings…they’ve been in the same house all that time.

  15. I do not do email feed. I should. I click on your links when I see them on facebook. I have email feeds for a friend’s caringbridge blog. I guess you are not that special. LOL! I know you hate me now!
    I enjoy your blog too. You are a very entertaininig writer.
    How about a combination of the titles, something like “slow and steady in the fast lane makes for a family fun Ryde”??? I am anxious for the cookie recipe now! 🙂 Even if you do hate me.

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