Help me help you: Part I

Random Photo 1 Tomatoes, Peppers and Basil from Garden. Lovely.

I’ll make this quick since I want to help you. And part of me helping you, is helping you save time. And part of you helping me is reading my blog and loving it and sharing it with your friends.

To that end, here is a small task.

1. Subscribe to me. You know you want to. If you are reading this, you will surely see that you will save time by not fishing around and re-checking my blog to see if there is a new post, you will just know. How will I know you may be asking. You will know if you subscribe.

2. There are two ways to subscribe. If you already understand all this or are already subscribed, you are smarter than me. Good for you. Y’all may stop reading. (Okay, it is not fair if everyone stops reading. Could just a few of you continue reading just to confirm that I’ve explained this correctly?)  If you are technologically maladroit like me, pay attention to the following.

3. You can get my posts to come to your e-mail my filling in the e-mail form, but maybe you don’t want more e-mail.  There is a better way


Randomness 2: Flowers from Garden. Lovely

4. You can send my blog posts to your feed burner.  A feed burner is like an online customizable magazine rack.  You tell the feed burner which blogs and websites you follow and the new posts will immediately be chronicled into the online magazine.  You can check this magazine daily and quickly scroll through all your favorite blogs to see what, if any, new posts have been published.  Then you can read them or skip them or click over to the site.  But generally, it is much faster than checking the sites every day.  This is brilliant and I can’t believe I am just now learning about what a “feed burner” is. It has already saved me a ton of time.

5.  Yes, that sounds great, I hear you saying.  How do I do it? If you click on RSS up at the top right, (I have no idea what this stands for.  Maybe “Read Some Stuff”?–) you can link my blog to a feed burner of your choice (Live Bookmarks, Yahoo, Google, etc.).  So you may need to create an account with the one you choose.

6. I chose Google Reader b/c we already have a gmail account that we filter our junk mail to and, therefore, we already have google reader on the log in page.  I just went to the Reader link in the middle, entered in all my favorite blogs (see my blogroll if you are all about copying me), and VOILA! It is awesome. Love it.

There, I saved you a ton of time. Aren’t you happy? But now you owe me. Find out what you owe me in Help me help you: Part II.

You know that if there were no pictures, you wouldn't read it. That's why!

(I’m going to check in the morning and I am really hoping that I will have 50 subscribers.  If I have one more than that, I’m going to make myself chocolate muffins for breakfast. Yum. I really want them. Please subscribe through e-mail or RSS.)

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  1. Teri,
    You are still anonymous. I will not tell anyone all your secrets or where you live. But you if you’re not going to be anonymous anymore, you should get a Gravatar of your pretty face to go next to your name. 🙂

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