The Blogdom of the Low Ryder

Anyone care for a drink?

So as the “13 weeks” draws to a close (thank goodness), I am faced with the dilemma of whether or not I will continue blogging, and if so, about what. During this summer of blogging, I have learned a few important things about myself and this process.

1. I love writing and blogging even though I still think it is self-centered. I’ve embraced my narcissism.

2. About 12 people follow this blog regularly. THANK YOU! My husband read two of my posts and said they were “pretty funny”. This was the second nicest thing he has said to me after “you’re easy going.”

3. Following blogs is, as my friend Kay says, like drinking from a fire hose, thanks to the sheer quantity and variety of them.  So if I continue I have to make it worth your while to read it, right?

4. I’m having a blogdenity crisis because I can’t decide what I want to blog about that you will actually enjoy reading. This is because I am pretty much an expert at nothing.

5. It would be awesome to have a super popular blog. But is blogging my outlet?  Maybe I should focus my efforts on the novel I’m trying to write that now has about 20 pages (not quite enough-incidentally).

6. All the people who have super popular blogs seem to spend their entire lives on said blog, which is not really an option for me unless some of my children get an extremely early admission to college.  Dylan’s success at potty training is likely to inhibit him.

7. I AM NOT and never will be good at technology, which I am beginning to see might be essential to building my blogdom.

8. I am starting to wonder if the popularity of personal blogs is due to the slightly voyeuristic quality of reading them. This may actually hurt my chances since there is really “Nothing to see here” as they say.  Do blogs have to be true? Perhaps I could make up something interesting.  Oooo . . . like two truths and a lie. . . .

Ergo, I don’t know what to do. What is the future of the blogdom of the Low Ryder?

7 thoughts on “The Blogdom of the Low Ryder

  1. Please keep blogging!!! Your honesty and extrememly funny (not just pretty funny) blogs make my day when it is needed most. You make me feel normal! Thank you!!!

  2. Hey Katrina,

    How did it go? R u still on budget? I think you’re a good writer. I enjoyed your blog when I checked it out. I say go for the novel. That sounds interesting and challenging. I’d love to hear about it.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer.


  3. please keep blogging. I live so far away — and it makes my day to sit, diet coke in hand, and read your wonderful words.
    please don’t stop.

  4. Please keep blogging. I’m years older than you but have so enjoyed revisiting all those issues and times past that your words portray so beautifully.

  5. you are an expert at being you. which i think is pretty awesome. i love hearing what you’re thinking about–so i’d be sad if you quit totally!

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