How is it going?

Do I HAVE to wear this life vest?!

So there’s only three more weeks left in the 13 Weeks of Summer.  3 weeks. 3 weeks. 3 weeks. It is the dog days of summer and the longest possible three weeks that could exist. I think I’m starting to feel like Anika in her life vest, bound to safety and not exactly enjoying it anymore.  Wouldn’t it be more fun to just throw caution to the wind and just get the credit card out?

“How’s it going?” you might be wondering (since I have completely abandoned updating weekly).

Hmmm . . . not great, but we haven’t failed yet.

Will we fail? I don’t know.

There are three weeks left and we have a little more than three hundred dollars left.  Today our dryer heating element died.  We strung lines up on the porch and in the sun outside just in time for the rain to come.  We drove over to my mom’s and dried the clothes there.  Thank goodness for mom.  Also thanks to  J, my super handy husband, who figured out the problem and found the part online for half the price of the local hardware store.  It will probably be here in a week, so in the meantime it is the clothesline for us.

Actually the clothesline is fine because I always wish I was being more environmental and frugal by line drying anyway.  I’m held back by two things.  First, our backyard is wooded, so our only sunny spots are in the front where I feel slightly weird hanging our undies to dry. Second, I’m lazy and feel that laundry is such an absolutely ENDLESS part of my life that hanging and removing them from the line would only add to that.  Not to mention, the heart sinking irritation of having a week-long drought end the moment that everything is hung, and having to dash out to bring it all inside.

BUT, baring some other catastrophe, I think we can do it.  I mean, we are SOOOO close, right? I mean, it will be tricky, but won’t I feel AWESOME having broken the credit card cycle?



Maybe I can sell some stuff on Craigslist.  What do you think whiney three olds fetch these days?

On the flip side, surely the three weeks will go inordinately fast because at the end of that time Addie will be a Kindergartener and I just gave birth to her about five minutes ago, right?

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