The Teacher Gift Results

J is often accusing me of asking his opinion on something to find that I do the exact opposite.  It seems that this may have been true with the teacher gift.  I seemed to buy everything that I said I wouldn’t buy and nothing that I wanted to buy; nonetheless, I stayed within budget and Addie was happy.

The used bookstore is new to town; therefore, they didn’t have gift cards and I thought it would be a little tacky to throw in $2 for a beach read.  SO . . . I wound up at Target and got the following for each teacher.

Floppy hat $2.50–(hopefully not just a filler and can also be cutely used as a tortilla chip bowl, which I mentioned on the card)

Notecards $1

Nail polish $1–(technically a toiletry, but also fancy, which was one of Addie’s criteria)

Chocolate bar $1–(I know that I said no food, but it was dark chocolate so also an antioxidant.  I probably had a coupon somewhere, but since I was in a pinch, I just paid full price–painful.)

Addie drew the cards and we found some gift bags we already had. Voila! Total price $17.

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