Blog Jealousy

If you, like me, are starting a blog, do not look at other blogs. Now that I am on “display,” other blogs are like the popular girls. Maybe this all stems from and unresolved fear of looking stupid. Once, walking into middle school, I discovered my fly was down, and while covertly zipping it, I tripped on the sidewalk grate and stumbled. I stood up feeling the eyes of the ENTIRE popular world mocking me in disdain! (In actuality, probably no one noticed because they were paralyzed by the fear that their own flies were down or some such 12 year old paranoia.) Hmmm . . . I will apply this to my thinking about blogs. If, according to my theory, blogging is a form of self-absorption (why is this even a theory? it is SO obvious!!), then all the other bloggers are too busy with their own themes and witticisms to notice my blunders. I will cling to this as to a zipper that sneaks its way down.

(Is “bloggers” not a word? Spell checker doesn’t like it.)