13 Weeks Update 1: Getting out the Cash

So I got out our cash today and put it in little envelopes.  I didn’t get the whole amount out since it seems silly to forgo the possible interest for the whole summer. How do you other cash spenders do the cash budget? By week? By month? Do you put away your debit and credit cards? What about the “in case of emergency”? Jeremy was very wary of not having the card.

I already spent $17 at the grocery and noticed the Explorer is woefully low on gas.  Also, there will need to be a major outpouring of funds for the batteries to operate all the toys that Dylan just got at his third birthday party.  And the possible emergency room visit to save Anika the asphyxiation by small marble, leggo, or new block toy . . .

4 thoughts on “13 Weeks Update 1: Getting out the Cash

  1. For the record- no- ‘Francy’ is not really a word.

    We do a monthly budget in cash in envelopes. I usually end up shifting money around and borrowing from other accounts though. My husband is a chronic ‘well, I didn’t have that envelope with me so I borrowed it from my allowance’ guy. Probably just a money switching scheme….
    To save money this summer- eat less meat, grow more veggis and here in France you can eat the meat that likes your veggis. Garden snails are completely edible, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

  2. I take out enough cash for one month at a time and I use an index card accordion file for my cash that I found on etsy.com. I am guilty of stealing from other pockets though, especially if I need a certain bill etc. I can’t wait to see how this blog progresses!!!

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