Leg Up Advertisement

This is basically an e-mail to any of you who subscribe by e-mail and live in the Waxhaw/ Charlotte area.

In the midst of the busy Christmas season, I’m hoping you’ll give me a leg up in helping me advertise my Low Ryder Budget Group which starts JANUARY 6th.

Even if you aren’t interested or can’t come personally, would you mind posting the link to my blog post advertisement on your facebook or sharing it with your friends by email? We have five signed up now (including me) and I’d really like 8 people to make it worthwhile for paying the childcare providers.

It’s just 5 Thursday mornings 10-11:30 in downtown Waxhaw. We will cover giving, saving, debt, tithing, couponing, and other simplicity strategies.  $10 for all 5 weeks. $20 if you need childcare.  Really, if you just want to sit, drink coffee, and totally ignore me, it is about the cheapest 5 weeks of childcare you can get. 🙂

Here’s the link to my blog post on this. http://katrinaryder.com/the-low-ryder-resolution-group/


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