May Discount for 2020-2021 Classes

I’m excited to share some information about the three classes I’ll be teaching during the 2020-2021 school year. These classes will be offered in conjunction with Shanan Tutorials.

Here’s a video that should help explain my classes.

Shanan’s current schedule is here. Shanan ScheduleAs you can see, there is an Early Bird discount on Shanan registration through the end of May.  More information about Shanan can be found at their website. For those of us prone to sticker shock (I KNOW it seems expensive), please check out my post HERE about why I chose Shanan. If you know me, you know I am extraordinarily frugal and do not pay for things that aren’t worth it.

The benefits of quality LIVE classes with experienced educators who you can meet in advance cannot be overstated. 

Please comment or email me if you have a question even if it’s not about my class. I would LOVE to talk you into attending Shanan or help you find a good fit for your student elsewhere.

**All families of my prior students receive 10% off discount of payment to me. That can be deducted from the total, if paying in full, or off the final payment if making 3 payments.

***Advanced 7th graders are sometimes allowed at Shanan if approved by the tutor.