You Go Girl! Fall 2013 Study

shes-got-issues-products1I’m excited to announce that I’m facilitating a 7 week women’s group study this fall right here in Waxhaw.  (If you aren’t in Waxhaw, I have a request at the end for you. Will you scroll down?)

The name I’ve chosen for my groups is You Go Girl! Even though it is a little cheesy, it embodies the spirit of encouragement and motivation that I think God intends for women to be to one another.  You Go Girl! groups are open to women of any church, background, age, or race who seek to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered by God’s Word. 

The Fall 2013 study will be covering the book She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice.  Her book covers a faith-based discussion of anger, insecurity, anxiety, control, unforgiveness, and comparison. Here’s the author talking a bit about the study. (If you are reading this in e-mail, you’ll have to click over to view the video.)



So, I know almost  NONE of us have those issues, but in case you do, this group is available. 🙂

The Fall groups will meet for seven weeks on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings in downtown Waxhaw. (Specific directions will be given when you sign up. It’s my mom’s house, so I don’t want to list her address on the big, wide, interwebs.)

The Tuesday morning group will meet 9:45-11:15, beginning Oct 1st through November 19th. We will NOT meet Oct 29th, the week of Halloween.  AT THIS POINT THERE IS NO CHILDCARE OFFERED. If you are interested, but would need childcare, let me know. If there is enough need, I will pursue it.

The Thursday night group will meet 7:15-8:45, beginning October 3rd through November 21st. We will NOT meet October 31st, Halloween night. There is no childcare for the evening group.

If you are on Facebook, you can sign up using THIS EVENT link.  Or you can sign up in the comments below by leaving your name and which day/time you’d like to attend. Be sure that the e-mail address you fill in on the comment form is the one at which I can contact you.

The study is free except for the cost of the book, which  you can buy in paperback or Kindle edition for around $10. You can buy the book through the website HERE. 

If you have questions, need help obtaining the book, or want to sign up, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

If you are not in Waxhaw but would be willing to pray for this study and the You Go Girl! group, will you let me know? It would mean SO MUCH to me. 


7 thoughts on “You Go Girl! Fall 2013 Study

  1. So good to know you are helping to mature others as you strive to grow yourself. I will definitely pray.

  2. I’m in for Tuesday mornings…..pending child-care. My MIL works on Tuesdays so I don’t have that option for my girls.

    1. Totally! That would be completely fine. Obviously, you might feel a little more “connected” to your regular group, but it is the same material. 🙂 So, are you signing up?

  3. Dear Katrina,
    Thanks for reading She’s Got Issues and for facilitating a group! I hope it is a really life-giving, honest place for all the women who attend. I’ll be praying for you!

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